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    Default Accident drama in Neeli Chhatri Wale!

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    Zee TV's Neeli Chhatri Wale to come up with an interesting episode.....

    Garima Productions popular show Neeli Chattri Wala has been presenting social messages on each of their episodes, and one of the upcoming episodes will also see an extraordinary yet simple message.

    Earlier we had reported about Bobby(Disha Uphadhyay) winning a car in a TVC contest and later in order to pay the expenditure of the car, he has to sell all of his valuables.

    Our source says, "Bhagwandas(Rajesh Kumar) will see an accident where a guy will bash an old person with his car and run away. Bhagwandas will immediately rush towards the hospital and will save this person’s life. Now with the cycle of life, Bhagwandas will witness another accident in which the previous culprit who had run away after hurting the old man will get hurt. The man will ask Bhagwandas to give him details about the attacker but he doesn’t help in order to teach him a lesson."

    Well its all about the cycle of life. What goes around comes around. Do our readers have any such incidents to share?



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