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    Default Why Narad wants to get married on Narayan Narayan?

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    An interesting sequence is awaited on Narayan Narayan Chulbule Narad Ki Natkhat Leelayen, as he will decide to find a bride for himself...

    Narayan Narayan Chulbule Narad Ki Natkhat Leelayen on Big Magic, is the first mytho comedy show which is quite entertaining for the audience.

    This week the makers are all set to come up with an interesting episode where Narad (Mantra) will desire of getting married. Why? Read to know more -

    Our source says, "The episode will revolve around Lord Vishnu (Ujjwal Rana) and Goddess Laxmi, who will be arguing on married life and as per Narad's habit he will try to intervene between them. Thus, this will annoy Lord Vishnu and he will ask Narad not to comment on the topic of marriage as he is not married and so, has no idea about a married life. Narad, will feel offended with this statement as even other gods tease him for the same."

    "Thus, Narad will decide to get married and so he and his best friends Chingu, both will start searching the ideal bride for Narad. After several search, they won't finds any girl suitable for Narad and so they will decide to search a bride in Dharti lok," adds the source.

    "They will get to know about a swayamwar of a Rajkumari taking place and here Narad will decide to participate in it. He will thus put forth his desire in front of Vishnu of winning the Swayamwar," ends the source.

    Will Lord Vishnu help him? Will Narad finally get married?

    To know more stay tuned with this space!



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