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    Default Sushant to marry Nidhi on Mooh Boli Shaadi!

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    Sushant and Nidhi will be seen marrying in the upcoming episodes of Sony TV's Mooh Boli Shaadi...

    Drama on Mooh Boli Shaadi is building with each passing episode- Tiwaris and Singhs coming to know about Anmol (Zalak Desai) and Nikhil's (Fahad Ali) relationship, Sushant coming down to marry Anmol et al.

    Our source informs, "Audience has already seen the shaadi drama wherein Nikhil at the last minute comes and confronts in front of everyone about Anmol and him being married. This news comes as a shocker to both the families which led the Singhs and the Tiwaris come up with the decision Anmol and Nikhil to be thrown out of the house. Further what the audience will get to see is that Sushant is adamant to go back without getting married. He lays a condition in front of Ratan Singh to marry Nidhi. Eventually, Sushant will be seen marrying her. On the other hand, Seema and Nidhi (Kajal Srivastav) are trying to help Anmol and Nikhil in all possible ways."

    This indeed is some kinda drama.

    Keep reading this space for more updates!



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