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    Default Nikhil to feel for Anmol in Mooh Boli Shaadi!

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    Viewers of Mooh Boli Shaadi on Sony TV to witness Nikhil developing a soft corner for Anmol.

    Sony TV's newly launched show Mooh Boli Shadi (Shashi Sumeet Mittal) is picking up its pace and gradually is grabbing the eyeballs of the masses. While the show has just commenced, we brings to you the latest track that the viewer will witness in the upcoming show.

    Our source informs us, "Audience in the last episode have seen Nikhil (Fahad Ali) dropping his Hall Ticket while he is on his way to the examination center. Anmol (Zalak Desai) coming across the hall ticket, she rides the bike to give him the ticket on time. But, instead of thanking her, he yells at her. In the upcoming episode, viewer will see Nikhil thinks about Anmol and realizes that she has done so much for him. He starts having a soft corner for her. Now that he has shouted loud on her, he is hesitant in apologizing her. Furthermore the two will become good friends with each other. While all of this is happening, the tussle between Singh and Tiwari family respectively is worsening. Akhil (Meghan Jadhav) and Babuji (Darshan Jariwala) are walking on the road, Anmol's family is passing by in a car and intentionally drives the car through the mud which dirt's the clothes of Akhil and Babuji."

    This is going to a romantic yet so dramatic episode for the viewer to watch!

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