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    Default Families to find out about Nikhil-Anmol's wedding in Muh Boli Shaadi

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    Sony Entertainment Televisionís popular show Muh Boli Shaadi (Shashi Sumeet Productions Pvt Ltd) has been treading on the romantic track with the secret wedding of Nikhil (Fahad Ali) and Anmol (Zalak Desai), but now itís time to see some major drama happening.

    With the families having no clue of the marriage, but only the affair, they would want to separate them. Anmolís family would go a step further and plan to wed her off to one of their family friends.

    Shares a source, ďThey would go to the extent of hurriedly organising Anmolís wedding to keep her away from Nikhil. When the latter would get to know of the same he will be shattered and shocked and approach his dad to help him out.Ē

    Though Tiwari (Darshan Zariwala) would want to help his son, he would be apprehensive of the same. Seeing his dad not supporting him, Nikhil would barge in to Anmolís wedding and announce about their secret marriage.

    Tiwari would also arrive there and be shattered to know about it. The news would leave everyone shocked and disgusted and all will decide to throw them out of the house.

    How will the love birds manage to overcome the situation? Will their family ever accept their marriage?

    We tried reaching Fahad but he kept busy shooting.



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