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    Popular lad Fahad Ali, who created a niche for himself with his show The Buddy Project, will soon be back on TV with the daily Muh Boli Shaadi (Shashi-Sumeet Mittal) on Sony Entertainment Television.

    And guess what? Before the launch of the show, the actor shared some interesting tidbits about the project with us.

    “I am in love with ‘love stories’. I think I can fight tooth and nail to land myself in a good romantic story. I may come across as the serious guy, but in real life I am quite a romantic person and I think portraying such roles on screen are the only gateway to bring forward that emotion,” shared the actor.

    Fahad feels that it’s disappointing that TV shows do not focus on simple love stories but rather opt for drama. “Definitely, TV viewers enjoy dramatic shows but then there should be some different serials too that can just focus on a couple and their story. I feel fortunate that my upcoming show revolves around a love story and it will remain so.”

    Talking more about the venture, the cute actor said, “The best part about the show is that a national award winning actor Darshan Zariwala is playing my father. I am getting to learn so much from him and it is definitely a boon for me to be in the same frame. I am now just waiting for the show to launch soon.”

    With the serial reportedly going on air next month, gear up to see the romantic side of Fahad!



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