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    Default Anurag Kashyap's Traffic on MTV uncovers the ugly truth behind bonded labour

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    Every week Traffic on MTV unravels an inspiring story of people who have fallen prey to human trafficking. The next episode delves into the terrifying world of bonded labour. The episode follows the story of a hard-working and courageous Prabhudev from Bihar, who was tricked into becoming a bonded labourer by malicious people who lured him with the promise of employment after he lost home and livelihood when his village was ravaged by floods.

    Hardly able to live hand to mouth, Prabhudev along with his family moved to Varanasi in search of a job, but was forced into working for a saree factory where they were made to work in inhuman conditions and beaten upon protesting. But the nightmare didn’t end at abuse – none of the bonded labourers were ever let out of the factory. With no way to escape the clutches of his employes, Prabhudev and his family lived a life of slaves. Waiting for the right moment to escape, the episode highlights Prabhudev’s struggle for freedom by taking the help of a local NGO to help not only his own family but also others captive like him.

    The episode will air this Friday, 21 March at 7pm.
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