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    Default "Small towns will have a deeper connect with Splitsvilla's theme"- Sumeli Chatterji

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    Sumeli Chatterji head of MTV Marketing department shares the promotional efforts taken for the new season of Splitsvilla.

    MTV Splitsvilla Season 7 popular show on MTV India has been grabbing the eyeballs of its viewers with the new style and format introduced in this season. The show is picking up its pace because of the new host Sunny Leone who looks glamorous and Nikhil Chinapa who is just flawless while hosting the show.

    We got in touch with the Marketing Head of MTV India Sumeli Chatterjee to know about the concept of the show, reaching out to small towns and more in this conversation with us.

    How different is this season of MTV Splitsvilla Season 7?

    Splitsvilla is the longest running show with high TRPs and every year we try to bring in youths who are passionate about romance and can cross the test of the love. Last year we had the concept as hot as hell, where vivacious Sherlyn Chopra hosted the show and it was a pleasure to watch her in the show .

    Now we have Sunny Leone this year and the theme for this season is Fairy Tale Romance. We are going back to the basics of exploring the first thing that what women want and men secretly want is a fairy tale romance. There will be lot of twists and turns because this is basis of Splitsvilla that anyone would expect. With the theme of Fairy Tale Romance the viewers will be able to connect to it as the locale in which they are shooting is pictorial, it looks like a page out of the book, depicting the story of a king.

    What promotional and marketing strategies have been planned for this show?

    Taking a theme of Fairy Tale Romance everywhere you will notice the same line being spoken like in terms of communicating, styling, promotions, theme of partying, Radio, Interviews, Radio diaries and video diaries everything. There is a lot of softness associated while communicating with the contestants.

    It is deeper messaging rather than just of break-up diaries. For example we are coming up with an interesting thing on digital, we are doing something called as splits snapper where one person gets a chance of being the official photographer for Splitsvilla.

    The person gets an opportunity to go in the haveli and stay in the haveli capturing all the behind the scenes that would be really exciting and we have got fantastic response from people. Then we have regular profiling of contestants and what they have been doing, their emotions and their journey in Splitsvilla. We are doing another thing which is going deeper across the market and it's not just a metro plan but in actual media sense we have promoted it in the small towns across colleges, partying across the non-metro cities because they are the target audience and that will have a deeper connect with the theme.

    So is there anything interesting for the audience?

    We will be showing web episodes and also uncut scenes from the show of the contestants and hosts having fun while shooting. It will not come on air but it will be hosted by beautiful Sana Saeed who has been a part of the show since long. Then the audience will get to see Sunny Leone as an individual who is very different in real life and they will get to see her hidden side which will be very interesting to know.

    Talking about the contestants they all are from different background, some are mini celebrities while others are fresh faces so there will be an interesting twist in the team and it will turn up into a good story.

    Well good luck to the team and contestants of MTV Splitsvilla Season 7!



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