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    Default I was single, so took up Splitsvilla to find love - Ayaz Ahmed

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    With the seventh season of MTV Splitsvilla (Colesceum Media) being rolled out in a grand way, what gave viewers a reason to celebrate was the inclusion of the good looking Ayaz Ahmed as one of the celebrity contestants in the show.

    In an exclusive chat with us, Ayaz shared a lot more about this show, his love life, break up and his idea of the perfect partner.

    Firstly talking about the show, the guy averred, “It has been the most fantastic time and I have already started missing the fun time I spent there. The crew members, the co-contestants and hosts, we all got together like a house on fire in Jaipur. Having been a part of Roadies before, it never came to my mind that I had an advantage over the format of the show as it makes you react differently every day. Overall, it has been a learning experience altogether.”

    The second episode saw Ayaz giving a black rose to a girl; he also reasoned out that she will not be able to carry on with the show for long as she was overnight.

    When we quizzed him on the same, he cleared out the matter. “It was just a day of interaction between the contestants and I had been observing everyone. There were pairings happening and people were getting possessive, so I took an honest stand. She might have gone to a certain level, but at the end others were more deserving than her.”

    And when we quizzed him on his dream girl, the boy flashed his smile and said, “She should be pretty with good upbringing and family values. We must share a deep trust and understanding, and above all she should be independent with a mind of her own.”

    So did you have a connection with anyone on the show, we quizzed him. “It’s too early to talk about it. You should watch the show to know more on that. But yes, whatever bonding happened were all genuine. I am single and thus took the decision to be in the show and find love, or even meet somebody with whom I could think of a relationship in future.”

    In the break up diaries uploaded on the channel’s website, Ayaz is seen talking about his relationship going kaput with a girl he met last year when they were doing a show - a clear reference to his co-star Nikita Sharma with whom he had been linked up. When asked about it, he said, “I did not name anybody and secondly I have been in five relationships, so it wasn’t for anyone specific. It’s just that I had to talk about a break up so I did, or else I never talk about my past as I believe in moving on and living life as if there is no tomorrow.”

    With him bagging a show on MTV, Yaariyan, we asked Ayaz whether he will stick to the youth genre or move to daily drama too. “I am open to dailies but it should be appealing and exciting. I would love to do some experimental love shows. Having lost a lot of weight I am actually looking five years younger and thus was offered Yaariyan as soon as my stint got over in Splitsvilla. It is a very different character, hence I lapped up on the offer.”

    And finally when we asked him how it was to work with Sunny Leone, the guy smiled, “It was a superb experience, and although I won’t reveal much I was the privileged one to go on a date with Sunny on the show.”

    We would wait to see that, Ayaz!



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