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    Default Review: MTV Splitsvilla 7

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    Love it or hate it, but ignoring the series Splitsvilla (Colesceum) is just not an option. And with the sexy Sunny Leone baring her ample bosom this season, men folks surely have a strong reason to go ‘deep’ into the world of Splitsvilla this time.

    We too fell victim to the show’s luring abilities and found ourself hooked on to two back-to-back dates (read: episodes). Here’s what we think about it…

    First impression: Having watched all of Splitsvilla’s previous seasons, it’s not too surprising to see a majority of pretty Delhi girls lining up this time again as contestants. The breathtaking Somada Palace in Jaipur is an extremely refreshing locale as it goes hand-in-glove with the ‘fairy tale’ themed season. But the oomph, glamour and every other lustful quotient under the sun is provided by the ever so sexy fairy in the tale, Sunny Leone. The former porn star’s presence has undeniably generated much buzz in the minds of the average testosterone charged and estrogen starved Indian male. All 20 girls in the show will be vying for the attention of seven hot hunks from the land of television. Completing this tadka list is the handsome Nikhil Chinapa who girls would have loved to have as a contestant as opposed to a host.

    Our dates: The first date was more of an introductory session where all the seven guys walked in amidst loud female shrieks. But they were not much recognized. So much for their ‘celeb’ status. The girls this time are a mixed bag. Some sexy and entertaining while others lack in appeal. In the first episode, seven girls got the coveted elixir that saved them and in the second one, black roses took them to the dumping ground.

    Turn ons: Nikhil Chinapa takes the first position in the list followed by Sunny’s oh-so-cute bantering in Hindi and her little Baby Doll shimmy in her sexy swimming costume. Did we forget our boys? Well, Abhishek Malik and Ayaz Ahmed are the best looking of the lot while Shravan Reddy and Ashwni Koul qualify as cute and cool dudes respectively. Apart from the usual good looking faces, the sexy dance performance by Sanjana was the real highlight.

    Turn offs: Three girls committed the unpardonable mistake of wearing the same American flag designed making us wonder if some United States cheerleading competition was going on. Then there was Rishabh Sinha’s irritating attitude to put up with and Abhishek doing almost a Salman Khan by saying that he has never really kissed! Wonder who selected him in the first place.

    Falling in love: With the palace for sure. Ok it might not be technically a part of this show, but the location is apt for the theme.

    Heart breaks: The ugly accent of the youngsters is quite jarring. The introductory message where everyone keeps saying that it’s their dream to be on the show looks and sounds fake enough and is a major put off. Some tasks like the girls scratching wildly on guys’ arms while they writhed in pain made for some unbearable viewing too.

    Final relationship status: It’s criminal to judge a relation in two dates and hence we too will avoid taking that route. It’s evident though that the makers are pulling all stops to make this season a superhit. Our advice to the contestants – May be it’s time to stop throwing your fake accent and elite attitude. After all, there’s nothing like being natural.

    What’s your verdict on Splitsvilla…share your views in the comment section below!!!



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