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    Default Question on 'Adult Movies' miffs Sunny Leone at MTV Splitsviila 7 launch

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    Although Sunny Leone bid adieu to adult movies way before she stepped into India, enquiries about her not so reputable past refuse to leave her. At the launch of Splitsvilla 7, a question on her adult movie life made Sunny see red.

    Here is what happened. Sunny made a star studded entry dressed liked an angel in a floor sweeping red gown with fairy wings attached to her back and walked onto the dais amidst furious clicks of a dozen of cameras. A few journalists chosen by way of a lucky draw were given a chance to woo the stunning beauty on stage. Post the fun activity, the floor was thrown open to the media for questions and the unusually aggressive MTV folks attached a disclaimer- Please ask Sunny questions related to the event - which of course in other words meant, 'We will not entertain any other queries.' Thank you very much! We have heard that before too.

    So after a few innocuous questions, an over enthusiastic scribe jumped into the fray and asked Sunny if her attempt to change her bold image implies that she wouldn't be doing adult movies anymore. Predictably, the female emcee sprang into action and was all ready to say, 'We will not take that question,' when Sunny intervened and decided to take the bull by its horns.

    Grabbing the mike from the emcee's hand, Sunny chided the scribe for not doing his homework well before shooting the question. "I think you have not done your homework well. I had already left the thing you are referring to way before I entered Bigg Boss. So I think it would be good if you do your homework well before asking me this question."

    What caught our attention though was Sunny's aversion to any referral about her past life. She refrained from using the word 'adult movies' while answering the query.

    We ask, "Why be ashamed of your past when that is what opened the floodgates for you in Bollywood?"

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