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    Default I prefer live-in relationship - Ayaz Ahmed

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    Kolkata boy Ayaz Ahmed is one of the much loved boys in Tellyland. With his debut as a contestant in the popular reality show MTV Roadies 5, Ayaz already gained quite a young fanbase and with his stint in daily soap Do Dil Ek Jaan, he garnered attention and love of the household audience too.

    While he currently woes the ladies in MTV Splitsvilla 7 and Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan, we get him to answer some fun questions in our rapid fire section.

    What is your comfort food after a hard day’s work?

    I prefer eating tandoori chicken with rotis as it is a part of my diet plan too, but if I really have to choose, it would be biryani. Whether I am tired, sad or angry, biryani helps me lighten my mood.

    Most played songs on your iPod?

    Currently the most played song on my I-pod is Crazy Kids by Kesha.

    If you were to get stuck somewhere with no phone or internet, where would it be and with whom?

    During the shoot of Do Dil Ek Jaan, we shot for some sequences in Gulmarg for a month. I can say that I was stuck there as it was a no-network zone. The place is amazing and I would love to get stuck there when I have a girlfriend.

    Live-in or marriage?

    I prefer a live-in relationship as I do not think I am matured or ready to get into a phase of being a married man.

    Love is…

    Love is beautiful.

    Sex is…

    Sex is orgasmic.

    Craziest rumor you have heard about yourself?

    I recently started getting calls, messages on my phone and my social networking site where people called me a love jihadi. Startled, I Googled only to know that love jihadis are those men who are paid by Islamic countries to woo and marry non-muslim girls, thereby making the muslim community stronger.

    I then realized that I since I am seen sharing a connection with Priyanka in my current show, MTV Splitsvilla, people have started called me a love jihadi. This is extremely crazy and unreal!

    What is best done slowly: eating or kissing?

    Kissing should be done slowly.

    Every person needs?

    Every person needs a hug.

    What is something that you need to stop doing immediately?

    I need to stop smoking immediately.

    What have you always wanted to do but never done?

    I have always wanted to travel the world but I have never been able to do so. I intend to save 40 percent of my total earnings and travel at least two countries every year.

    One word that describes you?

    I am very enduring.



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