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    Default People don't want to work with me for my past - Sunny Leone

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    Colesceum Media added spunk to their reality show MTV Splitsvilla (season 7) by bringing in curvaceous and stunningly beautiful Sunny Leone as a co host. Sexy Sunny will share the dais with Nikhil Chinappa. In the recent time, Sunny has gained in popularity with her movie appearances namely Ragini MMS 2. Her song Baby Doll went on to become a craze amongst the masses. Many believe that Sunny is the perfect choice to host a show like Splitsvilla, which exudes oodles of romance, passion and captures the intense beatings of a young heart.

    We were in Jaipur recently, where the show was being shot, and during a shooting break, we caught up with Sunny and spoke to her in length about her hosting stint, upcoming movies, life in general and lots more. Excerpts:

    So Sunny, itís hot in Jaipur and you are making it hotter?

    (Laughs) I donít think so but yes the city is very hot. It is very difficult especially when we are out shooting for the tasks. But I am fine with this cause I am not the only one suffering, all of us are being tortured together (laughs). But yes, all of us are enjoying it so not much to complain.

    You will be seen speaking a lot of Hindi in the showÖ

    When I got to know that I would be hosting the show I knew that speaking in Hindi would be a part of my job. Itís a challenge and a task for me which I need to overcome. Although I make errors and fumble grammatically, I am not ashamed of it and I think that makes a difference. Once I got used to what should be said, things started getting better.

    How excited are you to present the real Sunny to your fans?

    My fans particularly will be really surprised to see me as till now they have seen me on screen which is just character enactment. I have got a chance to stand above my fiction image and depict the real me. I sit with the girls as their friends and also check out guys whenever they are up to something hot and sexy. I have my girly time and I totally enjoy it.

    So how much are you enjoying your job as a host?

    I totally love it. I have done a bit of anchoring before but this is something completely different. The creatives have told me to be myself and it has been a fun ride all together with Nikhil (Chinappa) and the contestants. Being an emotional person, I have actually become really attached to all of them. I would be really sad when the show will get over for I am going to miss everyone a lot.

    There is a buzz that Sunny will be pulling in more viewership for the show. Whatís your take on it?

    Not just me, there are also other celebrity contestants. Nikhil has a great fan following and Splitsvilla itself is a great show. Viewers will also get to see hot 20 girls in the show, so there is a wave of options available for them.

    Being in a show based on love, how romantic are you as a person?

    I wonít say am a very romantic person but yes, I have had a fairy tale romance in my life. So it was great to see these people getting attracted, bonding over and the heartbreaks.

    Any tips for a guy to woo a girl?

    Whether itís wooing or trying to get attention, I think honesty is very important. In this world, itís hard to find honesty, but I think it helps build relationships stronger and faster. And of course, the chemistry should be there between the two.

    And how has Nikhil been as a co-host?

    He has being an amazing co-host and itís so much fun to be with him. I have learnt a lot from him. In the first couple of days I was following the way he stood, talked and he briefed me much more about the job. We are two completely different personalities and I think that works in our benefit.

    What about your Bollywood plans; whatís next in store?

    I am doing a film, Tina and Lolo and after that I will be doing Mastizaade. Post that as announced by Ram Kapoor I will be doing Patel Rap. I didnít even know he in excitement talked about it and I looked like a fool denying the reporters (laughs).

    Ram seems completely excited working with you; who are you excited to work with?

    Some people are still hesitant to work with me because of my past (she was a pornstar). But over the time the notion shall fade.

    You have surely come a long way from your past, who has been your strength all along?

    My husband (Daniel Webber) for sure. He is the one who keeps a tab on everything and itís not that he orders me but we discuss work and he suggests what should be great for me career. He is my angel most definitely.



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