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    Default "MTV Splitsvilla is a show that supports young love" - Vikas Gupta

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    The programming head of the channel MTV India Vikas Gupta speaks about the show MTV Splitsvilla Season 7, strategy of the channel and more with us.

    MTV India is riding high amongst the youngsters for showcasing youth oriented shows. It has been always observed that the channel's strategy is to make their shows better by highlighting issues which captivate the audiences attraction.

    The channel excels in terms of providing entertainment to the audience to the fullest as they have ample of non-fiction shows varying in showcasing various tasks and challenges among the contestants.

    With the launch of MTV Splitsvilla Season 7, we got in touch with the Programming Head of MTV India Vikas Gupta to share the various strategies to develop the channel, youth based shows and more...

    What unique will the audience get to see in this season of Splitsvilla.

    Sunny Leone, 7 Male celebrities, Saamodh Palace, so much of romance, so much of fights and so much of love. This time the show Splitsvilla it will be much bigger, the risk will be very higher and the romance is not just about random boys and girls, it's all about celebrities and normal girls. It is all about chemistry on which you can't hold yourself but hold on to love to see what is happening and what is going to happen in the next episode. Every episode will be a truthful journey turning into something else.

    How did you come up with such a beautiful and unique location?

    We found this beautiful place in Rajasthan called Saamodh Palace and they really understood why we wanted this and they really helped us to get it. Saamodh Palace is one of the 1000 places in the world which you have to see before you die. It is very beautiful. I was not feeling to come back only but because of the press conference I had to come back.

    How made you choose TV celebrities and why Sunny Leone as a host? Do you think she can live up to the expectations?

    You have to see Sunny Leone on Splitsvilla 7 this season, you will fall in love with her. There are guyz lusting behind her and women are jealous of her. For selecting these TV celebrities it was the most difficult task because it's not us selecting them but they should also match up on screen. Much of the celebs are older so Splitsvilla can't have such celebs just only because they are popular. To find the right male celebs who are not popular enough but are less popular who have the right mindset to be on the show. They are the one who really wanted to be on the show. There are celebs who have just broken up and want to get back into a relationship and find their love again or someone whose ideology match with MTV, not everyone can be on MTV. To join MTV you need to be capable to match with MTV channel which is a brand.

    You have recently joined MTV India so what new can the audience get to see with the shows on the channel.

    I joined MTV this year in February as a head of programming. So far all is been great and hopefully it will be success working with MTV team. It is so fun working in such channel. Every show that we will be doing this year or in coming years is going to be with regards to the change that MTV makes. Its revolving in which we will get to see more content, story-telling and emotional relationships that come into play. We will be doing what we always do is experimenting with the content which MTV is known for.

    How the show will encourage its audience to be a part of it in promoting sense?

    We have a pedal ground competition which is an online and was contested internationally as well and people from across the globe participated in the competition. There will be the winner of Splitsvilla 7 and some people have been shortlisted from Nepal, Israel and Dubai in the contest. It will be very interesting to see what all can attract people from all over the world.

    We wish good luck for the new season of Splitsvilla.



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