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    Default There was no 'love connection' for me in Splitsvilla: Abhishek Malik

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    Whoever thought being a part of MTV’s Splitsvilla-7 (Colosceum Media Pvt Ltd) was all about having fun should hear what one of its contestants Abhishek Malik has to say.

    “There was definitely no love connection but there was some hard time,” states the actor who had to put up with scratches on his hands during a task.

    So, what was this task all about?

    “To save herself one of the female contestants had to scratch me with her nails. And as I was a bit closer to her than the others I co-operated with her unaware of the outcome. She ended up scratching me really bad. I had to take two injections post that,” confesses Abhishek.

    Indeed a tough task, we must admit.

    There was also a point in the show when Abhishek felt enough was enough. “A contestant named Jacqueline who weighs 130 kgs managed to reach really high in the show graph which was difficult for me to digest. Hence, at a point I even thought of moving out of the show.”

    What kept you going on this reality series? “Sunny (Leone) was the only saving grace.”

    Well, Sunny is hot and a succor to the male hearts. We don’t blame the other girls on failing to impress Mr. Malik.



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