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    Default "I want to play variety of roles" : Shaleen Malhotra

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    Seen as an investigative cop in Star Plus' Arjun, Shaleen Malhotra unveils his new interests and what's keeping him busy these days in a candid chat with us.

    MTV India's reality show Roadies contestant Shaleen Malhotra who gained immense popularity by portraying Arjun in Star Plus' popular thriller series Arjun, is now on a sabbatical these days and is busy reading biographies as he has developed an interest in reading books.

    We spoke to Shaleen Malhotra to know more about what's keeping him busy these days and his plans to return to television.

    Being on a sabbatical, Shaleen is peacefully going through some of the movie scripts and is busy preparing for the box cricket league, "These days I am reading 2-3 scripts of movies which I have received. Along with all this, I am busy practicing for the upcoming BCL (Box Cricket League) cricket match. I have got a shoulder injury and I just hope that I will be able to play well. I am relaxing and enjoying sleeping as I couldn't get adequate sleep in the last one and a half years," he says.

    Shaleen has recently developed a new hobby while he is enjoying his leisure time. The actor has developed a new hobby of reading books. Talking about the same he shares, "I have started reading books that I have bought but never read. I read a lot of biographies. I have also got many books as gifts from the fans so I am reading them as well."

    So, what kind of offers Shaleen is getting now? "Among all the offers which I have got, one is comedy and the others are thriller and action. I am just thinking that which one to take up. This time want to do comedy as people know that I can do thriller and I want to play variety of roles. I am looking forward to play a romantic comic role right now. I am waiting to get some offers from Television. I want to play a very good character in Television now with a good storyline and a concept. I would also love to host a reality show," he avers.

    Fans of Shaleen are waiting eagerly to see him back on-screen and he also keeps getting messages from them. Thanking them Shaleen says, "I keep on getting messages from the fans that they are waiting for my comeback either in a movie or a show. Their love is growing day by day. It feels nice. There's nothing much happening on Television these days. As soon as it will start happening, I will be back on television or with movies. I will be back with a bang very soon. Let's hope for the best that I will get a good role to play."

    We hope to see you back on screen soon Shaleen! We wish you all the best for your future endeavors!



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