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    Default Nikhil Sachdeva is enjoying his 'Roadies journey' to the hilt

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    He’s played the game with all the charm! He’s believed that he can fulfill his dreams. And he sternly believes that things can change when you start believing in yourself!!

    Yes, that’s exactly what Nikhil Sachdeva, popularly called Nick, the contestant of MTV Roadies 11 is made of.

    Nick has survived many a testing times and is still in the game!!

    Here is we bringing an exclusive chat with the talented tattoo artiste from Delhi.

    For Nikhil, his journey in MTV Roadies started with disappointment when he was bullied for his hugely framed body when he auditioned for Roadies 10.

    Says Nick, “I weighed as high as 102 Kg when I went in for the Roadies audition in the 10th season. I faced a lot of humiliation and was bullied for my weight. I was put to a lot of embarrassment when I was made to remove my shirt and show my flesh. This incident actually gave me sleepless nights to get back in shape. I was determined to get back to Roadies the next season. In fact to derive more motivation, I made my mother watch this episode where I was embarrassed. The tear in her eyes brought out the anger in me to do better the next time.”

    And luck usually favours the courageous one!! Nick toned down his body and lost as much as 28 kgs before he set in to audition for Roadies 11. “I sent my earlier picture along with the present one in my profile. And Raghu immediately wanted to see me. Usually, contestants would get ragged at the audition, but mine went very smoothly. It was a solid test of my endurance and I talked smart,” avers the guy.

    Nick who is a tattoo artiste from Delhi owns a studio there, and has been doing well with the craft. “It brings me joy when people have happiness on their faces after getting the tattoo done from me. I am enjoying my profession, and have been a tattoo artiste for seven years now.”

    However, success in his professional line did not come easily to Nick. The guy who started working at a very young age got into six different professions before settling down as a tattoo artist.

    Ask him about his mantra for being one of the top contenders in this season’s Roadies, and he is quick to say, “I am a very focussed person. I observe people around me and imbibe the best out of everything I see and come across.”

    Nick believes that this season’s Roadies is the toughest. “The option of voting out the strongest contender has been taken out of the rule book. The only thing that can keep you going in Roadies this time is your performance. As long as you perform well, you will be in the race. The moment you play dirty, you will be out,” explains the Delhite.

    Nick who has carried out his tasks very well so far is certainly a big fish this season. The man holds the distinction of surviving two ‘Walk the Talk’ challenges.

    “The best moment for me in Roadies was when I was praised by the Director after I passed out of my ‘Walk the Talk’ test. He had some great words for me and that incident really motivated me.”

    The young lad feels that Roadies is a great platform to be in, as it is in its 11th year. And its popularity can be marked by the huge following that the show has.

    He has a long way to go, but believes that he can do consistently well in Roadies and can take his journey way too far!!

    We wish you luck for your road ahead in Roadies, Nick!!!



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