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    Default After a long time I was nervous for the new season of Roadies - Rannvijay singh

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    The first roadie Rannvijay Singh talks about the new season of Roadies X2!

    Actor cum host Rannvijay Singh who is the first Roadie, has showcased his exceptional acting skills in films as well as a TV show, shares his excitement for mentoring the new season of a stunt based show Roadies, strategies and more with us.

    You have been juggling between films, TV show Pukaar - Call For The Hero and Roadies, so how do you manage it?

    I don't know. Since last eight months I have done double shifts. I have a married life too so after the Roadie journey ends I am going to take my wife for a holiday. Actually I have been doing lot of things, while shooting for Pukaar, my movie 3 AM released so I was promoting it too. Meanwhile I was also doing Roadies and shooting for some brands. So I had a tight and hectic schedule.

    How different is Roadies for you this time?

    This time Roadies is new for me and I am excited for it because I haven't been part of such a journey earlier. There were no four gangs competing with each other, there were maximum two people mentoring the show, people who have been following Roadies since the beginning have a reason to get excited for the new series.

    Audition process was amazing because when a person is selected collectively then he has to choose one between us so after a long time I was nervous in Roadies. I feel we are going to enjoy this new approach to Roadies.

    What is your strategy for your gang?

    All of us were looking at people who are somewhere like us, they share same ideologies. We were connecting to such contestants personally. My funda in life is to be fun loving but at the same time you need to be dedicated and focused on your goals and I want my gang people to be perfect while performing. If they follow this then I think chances of my team winning Roadies X2 will be little higher.

    Tell us something about other judges?

    Few years back Raghu (Raghu Ram) and I were discussing together that Roadies should have taken those people who are inspirational for youth and that's why we got on board Vijendra Singh. He is lot more than a boxer, when I met him I realized that he is not that serious. I would say Roadies is big fan of Vijendra Singh and he is Roadies fan too. Karan (Karan Kundra) is a nice human being and we bond well as our hometown is same Jalandhar. Esha (Esha Deol) comes from a very strong background and is very passionate about dancing.

    What would you say to your fans?

    What all they can get following the show is that if you are really passionate about something you can make it anyhow.



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