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    Default I will teach women boxing in Roadies - Vijender Singh

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    Olympian Vijender Singh may have thrown in a few mean punches in the boxing ring but as a judge of Roadies latest season one will get to see the champion boxer in an altogether new avatar. And he is all set to pack a punch as a judge as well.

    Says Vijender, "I have been a huge fan of Roadies. Even when I used to be out of our country boxing, I used to make it a point to catch episodes on wifi. As a boxer, I have performed all tasks that Roadies perform in the boxing ring. I was elated when I got to know that I would be judging the show."

    Given the tough boxer that he is, Vijender wants to see his gang members to be strong, stand up for women, protect them and also be sensitive individuals. "I want them to have the toughness of a boxer and other positive traits that we display on field. I am physically fit and will promote fitness among my members. I also respect women a lot and wouldn't tolerate if someone misbehaves with them in Roadies. If anyone does that, it will make me angry," warns Vijender.

    As a co-judge, Vijender believes action speaks louder than words. "I am quiet as compared to other judges. I don't believe in unnecessary chatter. I believe in action and not words."

    The boxer will also keep the competitive spirit alive as in the show judges will also be competing against one another given the new format. "I have always been a winner in life and will play to win. Everything is fair in love and war."

    While every other judge plans to teach their gang members something unique, for Vijender's gang members it will be lessons in boxing that will come in handy. "I will teach them boxing especially women who I feel should be trained in self-defence."

    Well, we can perhaps expect to see a female Mary Kom to emerge from this season from Vijender's gang.



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