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    Default My mom wants me to get married to a Malayali girl - Karan Kundra

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    Hold your breath, all you single Malayali maidens! One of televisionís hottest hunks, Karan Kundra may just get hitched to a girl from Godís own country if his mother has her way. Karanís whose mother is a Keralite (Karanís father is a Punjabi) is keen on getting her 30 year-old actor son hitched as soon as possible to a girl from Kerala.

    ďMy mother always pesters me to settle down. And there is always chaos in my house with my mom saying get married soon and my dad responding with a ĎPagal hai kya.í My dadís all cool. He has no problems. But my mom wants me to settle down and she wants a Keralite girl only,Ē reveals Karan.

    However, Karanís busy professional life always keeps him on his toes leaving him with less spare time to pursue any romantic inclinations in personal life. ďI donít have any time for my personal life because one project finishes and the other one takes off. The only one person who is interested in my personal life is my mother.Ē

    For the moment, it is Roadies X2 that Karan is gung-ho about, a show that he is hosting alongside Esha Deol, Rannvijay Singh and Vijender Singh. Says Karan, ďWe are also like contestants because it is equal hardships for the judges as well. I have never been exposed to such hardships. And if you were to compare me with the other judges, it would feel like I am myself in a reality show. Rannvijay is a true rockstar having been associated with the show for 11 years. There is Esha Deol, who is from an illustrious family and is a popular actress herself. Vijender Singh is an Olympian. I am very fortunate that they have chosen me for this season.Ē

    Talking about the qualities that he would like to propagate on the show, Karan says, ďI stand for women. I stand for ultimate respect for women. I stand for equality. For me, gays, lesbians and bisexuals have equal right in this country. So I would like my contestants to have the same qualities.Ē

    Well, hereís wishing Karan Kundra all the best both for Roadies and a possible Keralite girl.



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