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    Default Papon composes the new theme song, 'Jajabor', for MTV Roadies X

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    Papon, the man who stole the hearts of millions with his mellifluous voice in Jiyein Kyun, is now set to create a rage with Jajabor, the theme song for MTV Roadies X. Within a short span of 6 days, the song has got 56,951 plus hits on Youtube and the number seems to multiplying by the hour.

    Jajabor is an Assemese word for ‘yayavar - a Traveler’, a person who travels through new destinations by creating new roads where none exist. This song is about being free from mental boundaries and stale thinking, striding with confidence towards a new destiny. While along the way creating something new, something different that proves your worth. The theme song which well encapsulates the spirit of a true Roadie also sees Raghu, the creator and host of the show lend his voice.

    The viewers can also win a chance to watch MTV Roadies X on their television sets along with Raghu and Rannvijay. To win this opportunity you guys need to is participate in the Jajabor contest; make a video of the song and send it across to MTV. You never know you might be the lucky one watching the next episode of MTV Roadies X on your television set in the company of Raghu and Rannvijay.

    Roadies airs every Saturday at 7pm on MTV.



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