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    Default The Journey begins on MTV Roadies X

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    The MTV Roadies X flags off its journey in the scenic locale of North East India in Kohima in Nagaland, where the new Roadies get familiarized with each other. Living up to the tradition the first scroll invites them to a fun party where Raghu gets his team of ex-Roadies acquainted with them.

    Things start to heat up as Rannvijay introduces Abhimanyu the Battleground winner to the team who takes on Gaurav to compete with him. Will Abhimanyu prove his mettle and send Gaurav back home? Will the new and ex- Roadies create havoc or get along with each other? All this will unfold on the next episode of MTV Roadies.

    The episode will air this Saturday (23 February 2013) at 7pm.



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