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    Default "I have never played a prank on anyone as I am extremely serious person" - Vikas Gupta

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    MTV India is soon coming up with a show MTV Jhand Hogi Sabki in collaboration with Balaji Motion Pictures. Vikas Gupta the programming head of the channel talks about the show and much more...

    Balaji Motion Pictures and MTV India's programming head Vikas Gupta is soon coming up with a show on MTV India titled as MTV Jhand Hogi Sabki in collaboration with an upcoming Balaji's film Kukur Mathur Ki Jhand Hogayi. It's a show where the pranks will be played on the various famous celebrities and for the first time Ekta Kapoor wil be seen in front of the camera in her show itself. The show will be hosted by Siddharth Gupta and Ashish Juneja.

    We spoke to Vikas Gupta to know more about the show and about the idea of collaboration with Balaji Motion Pictures.

    Let's find out what has he shared with us.

    Telling us about the show's format and about the concept of the pranks, Vikas says, "The format of the show is going to be how exactly a normal prank or a bakra show used to be. It almost tells you and takes you through the actor on whom a prank will be played. Then it leads to the main prank played on the actor then we finally reveal the prank in front of the actor that it was just a joke."

    Giving credit to his team, Vikas says that there are five people who assemble the pranks first and then the actor's friends help in executing the plan, "Basically all the pranks have been planned by the whole team, there is a team who looks into this matter. There are five people who assemble the pranks, actor's best friends tell us that how we can play a prank on them like for Nargis Fakhri, Varun Dhawan were involved and similarly for Shraddha Kapoor Sidharth Malhotra, Siddharath Gupta and Mohit Suri came together. Many a times it happened that the prank we played turned to be sour but in such situations we only apologies and say sorry that's it. There is no other option except apology."

    MTV has seen a collaboration with Balaji during Ragini MM2 where Sunny Leone was seen as the host of the show Haunted Nights, thus when asked Vikas about the reason behind the association with Balaji Motion Pictures he says, "Firstly Balaji is a very brilliant company to work with and next they will get me the biggest stars or else how will we get stars otherwise? The film is really exciting and I think it's a very sweet film, I have seen it and it's youth oriented. It is meant for teenagers and that is the reason why we had said yes. And when we did the collaboration during Ragini MMS 2 and we made Sunny Leone to host the show Haunted Nights on the same channel. We really got an overwhelming response and also the brought us good profit. Other than that I like Sunny and wanted to bring her to be on the make sense to get her on the show and it was really beneficial for us also and for their film also. Now we are coming with this show which is for 5 weeks and is replacing rodies and that is the biggest slot we have of 7 pm every Saturday."

    We further asked him that has anybody fooled him or made a bakra? And also if has played a prank on anyone for which he replied," Karan Kundra and Kritika Kamra had once made a big fool out of me by saying that let's go for a dinner and we all got ready for going out for a dinner and they all left without paying the money. I was not carrying enough money as they took my wallet and by the end I was thinking that how will I pay the money but later they told me that it was a joke. Personally I have never played prank on anyone as I am extremely serious person in real, I don't play pranks on people. I know though I don't like playing pranks on people still I am doing this show which is based on playing pranks on the people. It's similar to that though I am not married still I can write stories about married people because you can imagine, visualize and it is so much fun to do that."

    We wish all the best for the new show Vikas!



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