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    Default "Vampires are very erotic, I find them very hot" - Karan Kundra

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    Heartthrob Karan Kundra is all set to steal the hearts of the audience through his Vampire looks in MTV India's upcoming show Fanaah.

    Televisionís heartthrob Karan Kundra who rose to fame with a popular show Kitani Mohabbat Hai on Imagine was applauded for his outstanding role in both the seasons. He later did few non-fiction shows and some regional films. Now after a gap of 3 years the actor is back with a fiction show on MTV India titled as Fanaah where he will be seen portraying a very different kind of character of a Vampire.

    We got in touch with Karan to know more about his role and what difficulties he faced while shooting for the role. Letís see what he has shared with us.

    Karan says that he like being real and in this show Fanaah he is playing a positive role, ďDid I ever think of doing such kind of a role? No! The reason I am doing this, I will be very honest is it is a positive role. My film Dil Phire is coming up in the month of February and in the spare time basically I am building up myself better and what better way to make up by doing the role of a Vampire? Vampires are very erotic, I find them very hot, they are very desirable and by playing character, it instantly makes me young. That's the reason I am doing it and itís not like juicy character or it's not like I am doing a saas bahu show where I being a full-fledged good boy, I am not like a good boy any more after doing so many bad boy roles (laughs). I like being real and that's what I enjoy.

    Talking about his character Karan says, ďMy character in Fanaah is very real as he's got his insecurities, he's got his hatred, he's got his love, his passion and that is me in real also. The best part of doing this show is that it's a limited series, and so I can go and promote my film and come back, I can go and shoot for my second scheduled and come back that only MTV Indiaís Fanaah can allow me. MTV is a very dark, edgy and youth oriented channel. I like the fact that youths like that and that's why I wanted to be there, so that's the reason I have come back with this show which is on MTV."

    The dashing actor says that itís the projects which choose him and he does not choose the projects, "Again the question is - Did I thought of doing the role of a vampire? No, because as I always say that I never choose projects, it's always been that projects choose me. I am sure that when people must be thinking of Fanaah, there must be people who may have thought that whom we must take as a vampire, they must have their options and they might have shortlisted me. That how simple it could happen while selecting me for this role but again I believe in energies and I believe that anything happens, happens for a reason so I think that there is something good."

    Lastly we asked him what difficulty he faced while shooting for the show MTV Fanaah Karan says, "I haven't started shooting as a vampire except for the one natural sequence where Rithvik Dhanjani pumped his knee into my ribs. I don't know that how my character will be and how I will do it. I am still figuring that as I am still reading the script, still getting into that zone because I stretched my time before I become a vampire and start killing people (laughs).Ē

    Karan concludes saying, ďI am not taking any inspiration from other shows as I have not seen Vampire Diaries. I haven't even seen True Blood, I only saw one part of Twilight, I don't know which one was it because one of my friend wanted to watch it. I am trying to present it in my way and as I said I am still working on it, I am reading the script and I am trying to live my character of Vivaan. I know his belonging, I know his upbringing, I know from where he comes and so. So Edward ek orphan nai tha, Dehradun ka nai tha, usko hindi nai aati, so how can I take anything from there. Vivaan is an orphan, he comes from a small town and is a very poor boy, he all knows is love, his necessity is love because if he doesn't love then he has nothing else to do and he will die.Ē

    We wishes Karan Kundra all the best for the show.



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