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    Default Sarthak to kidnap Prateek in MTV Fanaah 2

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    MTV Fanaah (BBC Worldwide) is in news for its early closure, as per reports. Reason? The show’s lead ‘busy’ Karan Kundra has no time to shoot. However, industry insiders inform that the makers are trying to risk with a script without the hunky actor and keep the show afloat for another couple of months.

    And standing true to this fact, the creative team has churned out an interesting track.

    Sarthak (Yuvraj Thakur) will use an experimental medicine on himself causing him to get devious fits wherein he will be acting all negative. To find a solution on how to get back to being normal, he will be seen using all tactics to find out remedies. Soon the boy will realise that the hospital has a secret medicine that can heal him.

    Shares a source, “Sarthak will go ahead and ask the hospital authorities for the medicine to be used in some experiments. He would be informed that the medicines are highly confidential and risky, and it cannot be shared with him.”

    To find a solution to his worries, Sarthak will now kidnap Prateek (Ankit Patidar), the hospital trustee’s son, and ask for the ‘secret’ medicines in return. The other members of their group, unaware of Sarthak’s involvement in the kidnapping will decide to go on a mission to save Prateek.

    Will they be able to get Prateek safely? Will Sarthak harm his friend for his selfish motive?

    We tried reaching Yuvraj but he remained unavailable.



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