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    Default Fanaah: A mythical concept easy to believe!

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    Okay folks! Here we declare. Fanaah is not a copy of The Twilight saga or The Vampire Diaries. It’s indeed something different. Wows…wait. The meaning of the term “different” here differs as per your visualization of a vampire.

    There was a necessity to mention this statement. REASON... with shows like The Vampire Diaries making viewers go crazy in the genre of supernatural series with its exciting storyline, characters and the feeling of existing reality in it, at the end stops viewers from accepting these kind of vampire tales.

    Anyways! Before we move on to our evaluation of the show, let me BRIEF you about the series. MTV India's new show Fanaah - An Impossible Love Story is about a story of unimaginable power, a story of a different time, a story of love that will never be.

    The central CHARACTERS of the show, which began on July 21, are Karan Kundra, Raatan Raajputh, Rithvik Dhanjani, Anita Hassanandani and Chetna Pande. Such a kind of fantasy fiction concept has remained untouched on Indian television as it not only involves risk, but also the uncertainty of the extent of acceptability among the viewers.

    Using the proficiency of the best of the actors on TV, the show BEGINS with a fight sequence between Vidhyut (Rithvik) and Vivaan (Karan) and Avni (Chetna) comes in to stop them, but fails to do so. As some people try to save Avni's love, someone mentions about moonstone. Leaving a clue where it can be found.

    Then quite slowly it unfolds the tale of the central characters one by one. First it was about Princess Iravati (Raatan) who lived from 1901 AD to 1920 AD. People tried to burn her while she was alive and then came a vampire who saved her by converting her into a vampire and including her into the list of undead.

    Later the story of Vivaan is unveiled who as a child due to some circumstances comes into contact with a pack of ferocious wolves, a girl Dhara who would change his life forever and a dangerous stranger who would change him forever. And then on the same track they reveal how Vivaan meets the beautiful lady Preet (Anita) who fails to get her love.

    FINDING... Vampire series, with what we have seen, usually deals with love stories. And this one has that element too. If you go by what we have seen, the chemistry between Vivaan and Dhara looks cute and interesting. Much like love during school days. But the worse side will unfold soon. The dangerous stranger? What is he going to do is yet to be seen.

    VERDICT... Here you would see your favorite heroes giving their wild looks apart from romancing. So, the "different" factor comes in again. Though inspired from the west, the concept is new. It's certainly not like Pyaar Kii Yeh Ek Kahaani. And yes, after Viviaan DSena, we have another handsome vampire: Karan Kundra. Seeing him in an unusual avatar is surely startling.

    Vampires are fast. And you could see that here too. But what's lacking is the reality factor. Something that would make you trust straight away or somewhat convinces you. It fails to create a thrill, especially when a vampire kills. It's just the red eyes or the teeth trying to create that effect. Besides, the outfit of Anita is so unoriginal.

    A lot more needs to be done. It's not a delight for The Vampire Diaries fan. Even if it's not based on that as this is what we have already seen. And now, we are awaiting something new. It's just the romance effect that might gain positive appraisals.



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