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    What's wrong in being a serial kisser: Emraan Hashmi
    The serial kisser is back. He is not the one who can Murder you with your looks but his panache makes girls scream Ashique Banaya Apne. Sreya Basu catches up with the Bollywood Gangster…oopps, rockster. Emraan Hashmi on the latest in his life and career.

    Let's start with your latest release Jannat.
    Jannat is a love story with the background of cricket and the dark alleys of the game. The subject is contemporary where heaven is all about money, luxury and crime.

    Are you comfortable playing a hero with negative attributes?
    Generally in Hindi films we take it for granted that a hero should be all white a character while it's the villain who will portray a black character.

    In this film I play a grey character that people can relate to. After all none of us are all white or black, but grey. The first half of the film portrays Arjun (my character in Jannat), a reckless youth obsessed with moneymaking and in the process gets into cricket betting and match fixing racket.

    But in the later half audience will know about the circumstances that led him to this racket and they will feel sorry for him.

    You play a match fixer in the film. How have you prepared yourself for your character?
    I met a few cricket bookies in Mumbai to get a better understanding of their life and life style. Besides I read all the cricket betting controversies that took place in the last 30 years.

    Is Jannat deliberately released during the IPL?
    It was not deliberate but it's good that the film is released during the IPL. Cricket betting is something that you can never put on check.

    Bengali singer Rupam Islam has sang in this film. Any comments?
    Rupam is a fabulous singer and his song Jannat jahan has added a new flavour to the film.

    Why is that you always work with the Bhatts (even Jannat is produced by Mukesh Bhatt)?
    First they are my family and hence I feel at home working for them. Secondly Bhatts make films that are socially appealing and different at the same time.

    You said you will never kiss on-screen. But Jannat has two kissing scenes. Any comment?
    I am sorry that by mistake I said I will never kiss on-screen.

    So you are back to your serial kisser image?
    Every actor kisses on and off-screen. But only Emraan Hashmi gets projected as a serial kisser by the media. Whether it is a joke or something serious, I am cool with it.

    Every song of all your films is a super hit. What is the secret behind it?
    Credit goes to my music directors, singers and lyricists. But at the same time I am very particular about my songs. Role kaisa bhi ho gaane achche hone chahiye.

    What are the films in the pipeline?
    At this moment there is only one film-Raaz 2. It is a horror film directed by Mohit Suri. Kangana Ranaut is the lead lady in the film.



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