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    Talking Starz Messages for thier Mom

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    What are the two factors that make up Bollywood?- Maa and Cine-ma. So Shashi Kapoor was indeed on strong ground when he said in Dewaar -Mere paas maa hai (I have my mother with me) if there were no filmy mothers around.

    But we won't be discussing filmy moms?Rather we can hear about the moms who are behind many a Bollywood sensation.

    Let's hear the daastan-e-maa (story of mother) from some of the biggest names of Bollywood

    Ranbir Kapoor on Neetu Singh Kapoor: Mother's Day to me is an opportunity to keep on telling my mom how special she is to me. My mother gave me the freedom to take decisions when I was in Class V. She is so special!

    Not only for me and my sister but for the entire family. She never interfered in my space. All she would say is that ?Do whatever you want to. But just remember your origin, the royal blood in your veins. And that's more than enough for me to think and rethink before taking a decision.

    Of course I will get her the cutest gift on Mother's Day. She is too figure conscious. So can't give her chocolates. I think she will be happy if I gift her a new gym.

    Rekha on her mother Pushpavalli Ganeshan: My mother was, in fact is, my guardian angel. It's all because of her that I am in this industry. I still remember how every morning at 6 she dragged all of us to the temple in our house.

    The fragrance of her mogras mixed with that of agarbattis, camphor and other flowers created a heaven for us-the fragrance still lingers every day when I pray at the temple in my bungalow Sea Springs. She was the best cook I have ever known.

    The recipe of her upma and poha was famous among our friends and relatives. I never had to communicate with her verbally.

    She looked at me and understood what I wish to say. Perhaps that's the reason why she passed away when I was shooting abroad because she knew how my heart bled every time I saw her wriggling in pain at the hospital.

    Honestly speaking, I don't miss her because I never forget her. Even today I can literally feel the warmth of the godi (lap)-the best bed to rest on. Oh, I don't believe in the concept of Mother's Day and yet believe in it.

    I think every day in the year is Mother's Day. Just as you can't confine the sky in a bottle, you can't confine Mother's Day within 24hours."

    Hrithik Roshan on Pinky Roshan: My mother is the Bourn vita of our family-her sheer presence makes all the difference to our lives. Mother's Day this year is even more special with two mothers in our family-my mother and the mother of my two kids, Suzzane.

    Generally it's Suzzane who take scare of all the arrangements for a celebration. But since this day is meant for my mom and her, so I guess the males have to tie up their aprons to please the ladies of the family.

    Esha Deol on Hema Malini: Whenever I think of perfection I think of my mom. Every day she surprises me with a new dimension in her character.

    She grows intellectually every day. I can never look or dance or act so beautifully like her. It won't be wrong if I say I live Mother's Day every day with my mother.

    Well, even after all the free-flow of emotions, if your dil maange more, then grab a DVD of the film Mother India and watch it this Mother's Day (the latest buzz is, DVD-wallahs are giving a compilation of Nirupa "Mother of Bollywood" Roy's films for the early birds).



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