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    Default Did Saif make Kareena cry?

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    Recently, while talking about his and Kareena Kapoor's intimate act in their upcoming Kurbaan, Saif says, "We are completely bare and naked and I don't mean the poster."

    We all know that Saif Ali Khan is the picture of charm and wit. But clearly, Kareena Kapoor is not in the mood to crack a smile at Saif's trademark tongue in cheek comments on their bare act.
    And as a leading daily discovered, she is getting the message across quite literally not just to Saif but, thanks to a couple of peeping toms, to the entire country as well.

    So, what was in that furiously typed out message?

    Here it goes. "That was rude, Saif. I am hurt," writes Kareena.
    And well, Saif seem to be doing his best to woo his lady love back with a series of sweet messages. This just goes to show that while it may seem peachy keen to be an off screen and on screen couple, you do have to toe the line or, in this case, watch your back very carefully.

    We still don't know what has Bebo so upset or we can hope Saif has finally got the message along with the rest of the country.



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