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    Red face MOMENT OF TRUTH (Bollywood's Sach Ka Samna)

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    Shahid Kapur
    1) Do you think you are the only good thing about Kaminey?
    2) Did you start dating Kareena Kapoor because you wanted to use her connections to further your career?
    3) Did you have an affair with Vidya Balan and dump her after Kismat Konnection flopped?
    4) Are you jealous of Saif?
    5) Are you seeing Priyanka Chopra?

    Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
    1) Did you ever had an affair with Vivek Oberoi?
    2) Do u really believe you are the Most Beautiful woman on earth?
    3) Do you hate mom-in-law Jaya?
    4) Have you changed your face through surgery?
    5) Are you seeing Hrithik Roshan now?

    Kareena Kapoor
    1) Did you survive on just orange juice for a whole month to get to size zero?
    2) Was that 2005 MMS clip of you and Shahid Kapur kissing in a restaurant for real?
    3) Do you regret breaking up with Shahid, now that he is hot property at the box office?
    4) Will you really marry Saif?
    5) Are you seeing Hrithik?

    Salman Khan
    1) Do you think your younger brothers Arbaaz and Sohail live off you?
    2) Did you beat up Aishwarya?
    3) Do you hate Shah Rukh Khan?
    4) Has Katrina Kaif turned down your marriage proposal?
    5) Is your English accent fake?

    Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee
    1) Does Mamata Banerjee give you sleepless nights?
    2) Are you happy that your in-house rivals are facing the heat in the Vedic Village controversy?
    3) Do you blame your team for the Singur fiasco?
    4) Are you an arrogant man?
    5) Do you dislike Jyoti Basu?

    Rani Mukherjee
    1) Were you forced into films by your mother?
    2) Were you Govinda’s mistress in your initial years?
    3) Did Abhishek Bachchan promise marriage and then dump you for Aishwarya?
    4) Have you signed a contract with Aditya Chopra to ‘pose’ as the woman in his life?
    5) Have you undergone surgery to get a bikini body?

    Rahul Gandhi
    1) Do you feel sis Priyanka would make a better politician than you?
    2) Do you want to be PM now?
    3) Do you want to mend fences with the Bachchans?
    4) Do you think Varun is the bad apple of the Gandhi family?
    5) Will you ever marry?

    Shah Rukh Khan
    1) Was the recent controversy at the Newark airport in America a publicity stunt for My Name is Khan?
    2) Did you have an affair with Juhi Chawla?
    3) Is Kolkata Knight Riders funded by Lalit Modi?
    4) Do you find Sourav Ganguly an arrogant and hard-to-handle Bong?
    5) Are you and Karan Johar more than just best friends?

    Mamata Banerjee
    1) Were you on soup and supplements during your ‘fast’ at Esplanade?
    2) Are you a megalomaniac and a control freak?
    3) Do you secretly admire Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee?
    4) Do you use Fair and Lovely?
    5) Do you have marriage plans?

    Aamir Khan

    1: How many illegitimate children do you have?
    2: Did you direct Taare Zameen Par?
    3: Aren’t you a hypocrite when it comes to praising your contemporaries’ films?
    4: Do you think SRK is a bigger star?
    5:You stopped attending awards because they did not award you. Yes or No.?

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    wheres the answers for these question

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    wheres the answers for these question
    mai F ko F hee Bolta ho lolzzz

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