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    Under Production

    Release Date
    October 9, 2009

    Comedy / Romance

    Gautam Adhikari
    Rajan Wagdhare

    Star Cast
    Nauheed Cyrusi
    Sameer Dattani
    Bakhtiyaar Irani
    Satish Kaushik
    Rakesh Bedi
    Vrajesh Hirjee
    Dinyar Contractor
    Shyam Mashalkar
    Srivallabh Vyas
    Balwinder Singh Suri

    Rajeev Shrivastava

    Ashfaque Makrani

    Urvi Adhikari

    Story / Writer
    Ashok Patole

    [DOWN]Love Ka Taddka is a feel good romantic comedy aimed at both the mass and class audience. The concept has been selected after a lot of research. At cinema today, we firmly believe that the film viewing audience is today ready to accept a good concept if the look, feel the acting and the treatment is right.

    As the title suggests, the film essentially deals with love and the various spices or shades it has. Our story beings with a romantic track between Aditya played by Sammir Dattani and Sheetal played by Nauhid Cyrusi. Exaggerated and overtly emotional father played by Veteran Satish Kaushik takes the humor to another level. And the colourful and varied characters in the film who stay in the same society are a cause of complete madness. This tongue in cheek comedy has all ingredients required to cook up a fun film.

    The story begins with Aditya, a struggling, middle class boy who makes ends meet working in an 'Easy Finance' as an executive. Aditya's life revolves around his work, friend Vicky and his corrupt boss, till he accidentally bumps into pretty Sheetal who keeps mistaking him for a Romeo. Every time Aditya tries to follow his friend Vicky's advice and prove his innocence, he only ends up creating a bigger misunderstanding. In this process, he ends up falling in love with her. And eventually they end up getting married. But here our story does not end with - they lived happily ever after.

    On the contrary, the story starts getting juicer. Out of fear of losing Sheetal, Aditya had lied that he is as a Manager and lives in a cool condominium. Naturally, the girl is lived at entering a chawl after marriage. But finally, they both manage to pool in money to buy an apartment. To add to their worries, Sheetal's dad insists on coming to stay with her. They evade him and make him stay with Vicky till they move into their new house. But when they go to buy their new house, they run short on funds and Vicky ends up cutting a deal where he promises to pay balance money in a year or lose the amount they have given to the owner. Just when they think all their financial woes are over, and are about to inter their new house, they realize they are going to be moving in a strictly vegetarian society.

    Both being non-veg, find it difficult to digest the fact, but have no choice. The real cat and mouse game begins when the Sheetal's father who is strictly an anti vegetarian, comes in to stay with them. He is not exactly happy with his son in law, so not to upset him any further, Sheetal and Adi do not reveal to him that the society being pure vegetarian. The real fun begins when the two have to smuggle the banned food items into the house and they keep the balancing act between the father and the society members.

    This pure vegetarian story with a 'tadka' of little tangy and a slightly spicy story will end up leaving a sweet taste and a smile on your faces.
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