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    Like A Comet
    Blazing 'Cross The Evening Sky

    Like A Rainbow
    Fading In The Twinkling Of An Eye

    Like The Loss Of Sunlight
    On A Cloudy Afternoon

    Like A Castle
    Built Upon A Sandy Beach
    ...Gone Too Soon

    Michael Jackson’s heart-rending lyrics perfectly describe what we’ve been meaning to say. We give you a lowdown on the celebs who passed away quite early in life although not before they left a lasting legacy.

    Michael Jackson

    No body ever thought this pop icon will bid good bye to his fans at the age of 50! The man who emerged as many believe ‘the greatest entertainer that ever lived’ died a lonely death on 25th June 2009 with not many family members around except for his children and allegedly a hefty debt! MJ’s songs and music transcended all cultural, geographical, racial boundaries. MJ was, is and will be a sensation in Africa, Asia, USA, Middle-east and guess everywhere. His moon walk, aviator glasses, diamond sequined glove, white socks, curly streak of hair that caressed his face everytime he waved at his fans became a style statement. According to many, Michael Jackson’s untimely tragic death on the eve of his comeback which many believe happened due to an overdose of prescription drugs will be remembered as the ‘black day’ by those who not only worshipped the petite powerhouse of talent but by also those who worshipped music and dance. This humanitarian and noted celebrity will be missed. Michael Jackson didn't want to be just a superstar. Like the Beatles, he wanted to be the biggest, the king... he achieved it all since he was five years old!

    Elvis Presley

    Like Jackson, Elvis was once beautiful, outrageous, a revolutionary without politics who shook down the walls between black and white. He had the hits, the style, the ego, the talent. He was the King of Rock and Roll, the way Michael was of Pop. Elvis owned Graceland, the way Michael went on to own Neverland. Elvis passed away at the age of 42 due to what many believe happened due to prescription drugs that collapsed his heart condition.

    Marilyn Monroe
    The actress who became the sex symbol of Hollywood was found dead at the age of 36 in her Los Angeles home early on the morning of August 5. Like many famous celebrities, ‘overdose of pills’ was claimed as the reason for her sudden death.
    Monroe's "acute barbiturate poisoning" was listed as a "probable suicide," but many people believe that it was an accidental overdose or even a murder. The mystery surrounding her death continues to haunt her fans...

    Heath Ledger

    Heath’s ‘Brokeback Mountain’ was nominated at the Oscars while his next film ‘Batman: The Dark Knight’, was the biggest Hollywood blockbuster of 2008. The young actor however didn’t live long enough to see his ‘Joker act’ overshow the ‘Batman’ himself. The acclaimed Australian actor was found dead unexpectedly at age of 28 in his New York City apartment. The medical examiner found that "the manner of death is accident, resulting from the abuse of prescription medications," given the presence of six prescription medications in Ledger's body.

    Bruce Lee

    The iconic martial artist died in Hong Kong at the age of 32 from swelling of the brain ("acute cerebral edema") caused by an allergic reaction to the prescription painkiller equagesic. The pill was apparently given to him by an actress friend after he complained of a headache.

    Anna Nicole Smith

    Anna’s life was more about her real life controversies than career. From her silicon implants to posing nude for magazines... Anna had no qualms in being infamously famous. The model was 39 when she was found dead in a Florida hotel. After an autopsy, the cause of death was found to be accidental "acute combined drug intoxication. Just five months prior to her death, Smith's 20-year-old son Daniel had died from taking a combination of the antidepressants too.


    A Muslim Holy Man is said to have predicted that the young Madhubala (original name- Mumtaz Jehan Begum Dehlavi) would earn fame and fortune but would lead an unhappy life and die at a young age. He was right. Madhubala's heart problem was discovered in a routine check-up in 1950 when heart surgery was not available. She had to put on a brave face and her illness was kept a secret from the industry for many years. The actress was 36 years old after battling a prolonged heart problem. She apparently had a hole in her heart.

    Divya Bharti

    The tragic end of the 19-year old Divya Bharti, who had fallen from the window of her fifth floor apartment around midnight on 5th April, 1993 still stays as one of the most shocking deaths ever Whether the promising actress (who had risen within a short period and was expected to reach the top in the coming years of Indian Bollywood) committed suicide or met an accidental death still remains a mystery.

    Meena Kumari

    Just 40 years of age at the time of her tragic death, Meena Kumari known as the ‘tragedy queen’ was too young to die of failing health. Addiction to Alcohol claimed her life. She had become a heavy drinker and the excessive intake of liquor resulted in the failure of her liver leading to her death.

    & many more


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