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    Default Leaked pics from Hrithik Roshan's 35th birthday party

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    These photos were leaked from facebook apparently. This was during his 2009 birthday. he will turn 36 this january.

    BTW did you girls hear about the confession Hrithik made recently that he cant get over Barbara.This was carried by Mumbai mirror last week.

    here is the excerp from the article:

    According to the latest buzz, Hrithik has found a confidante in good friend Karan Johar and told him that he is torn between Barbara and Susanne.

    As a result he has become quite a rebel and a party animal, something which he was never before as one of his co-star says, “Hrithik used to be one of the most balanced people around but suddenly one hears that he and his cronies, which include several well-known names, party almost every night and some of the things that go on there are alarming. Everyone in the industry knows about this, but no one will talk.”

    Reports also say that Hrithik has made it quite clear to directors close to him that he would be willing to green-light projects that required him to star with Barbara but no one has taken the bait yet, as they all wait to see the reaction to Kites.

    Kites is about an Indian boy’s romantic affair with a Latina girl and their predicament as they do not understand each other’s language. Hrithik Roshan plays a salsa teacher. It is a story of passion that defies every rule, of a relationship that takes two lovers on a thrilling journey filled with precious moments and unexpected betrayal.

    The film is being marketed extensively by Reliance BIG Pictures, also has Kangana Ranaut, Nick Brown and Kabir Bedi in pivotal roles.



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