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    Lightbulb Karan Johar Feat On Novembers People Magazine

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    Kuch toh 'log' kahenge, logon ka kaam hai kehna...

    Well, the ironical part is that the abovementioned famous yesteryear's song has just been proved right (repeatedly) by the super-cool magazine 'People'. Looking at the way they are 'breaking' stories, it won't be surprising to see the leading dailies' editors breaking the heads of their journos!

    The latest issue has Karan Johar...even before you get any kind of ideas about his 'confessions', then let us play the spoilsport by saying NO...Karan has not spoken on his sexual preferences. And even though 'People' tried to take up the forbidden route, the normally calm Karan suddenly becomes 'Current Johar' and answers, "That's not for you to know and not for me to reveal. My personal life will always be my personal life". Not just that, you can find the ever-so-charming Karan share his views on his family, his background (how he had almost landed up in France and what made him stop), his very closet friends and of course, the icing on the guessed it right...the one and only SRK!



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