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    Default John attracts men!

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    When John was asked to strip

    John Abraham was in Delhi for a mass-workout event, and while the girls were happy to see him, it was the men who wanted him to strip!

    Post-Dostana, metro-sexuality is in and guys are not afraid to admire another man's body.

    According to reports, men - young and middle-aged - burnt the torrid atmosphere with their cries for the 36-year-old John.

    The male lot completely subdued the low-pitched voices of the fairer sex with repetitive chants of 'T-shirt, T-shirt'. They wanted John to take off his shirt.

    John however said that while he's okay with stripping for a scene, in real life he is 'very very shy'.

    John asked the audience, ''if I take-off my T-shirt, then what will I wear?''

    John's appeal across genders must make him feel reassured that Dostana 2 will be very much in demand.

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    Thanks !!!
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    if i was a guy he'd turn me gay..



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