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    Now that Imtiaz Ali is well and truly done with Love Aaj Kal he is looking at a number of possibilities to renew his ravishing repertoire.

    And the thought of doing a sequel to Jab We Met has entered Imtiaz’s mind space.

    “It’s an idea, yes. What happens to the two characters Geet and Aditya after they’ve met and gone through all those adventures. What happens to them after the story ends in Jab Me Met? I’m asked that question so often that even I’ve started wondering about the future of Geet’s relationship with Aditya after we left them.”

    An idea has already begun to formulate in Imtiaz’s mind. “I don’t see a very pleasant togetherness for Geet and Aditya. They’re two such strong-headed individuals, there’s bound to be friction. Maybe Geet will go back to Anshuman (the moronic beefcake who dumps her)... There’s certainly an element of curiosity for me about where these characters go.”

    Would it be a problem bringing the splintered couple Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor together? Not as far as Imtiaz can see. “I always cast my characters while I’m scripting. Saif and Deepika were in the picture long before Saif offered to produce Love Aaj Kal.”

    Tell Imtiaz that Shammi Kapoor’s son Aditya Kapoor has been floating a script called Jab We Slept and Imtiaz falls silent. “Really? I’d like to see that one.”

    With so many spinoffs of Jab We Met, maybe Imtiaz Ali should speeden the process of doing a sequel.
    “I loved traveling with Geet and Aditya. We traveled by trains to the remotest corners of India. Love Aaj Kal took me to three continents. Lekin traveling for Jab We Met was another thrill altogether. I think I’d like to do it again.”

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