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    A cup of black coffee... is a must to begin my Sunday mornings. This is usually followed by cornflakes with cold milk.

    A leisurely bath... is then followed by my regular prayers.

    My hobby... is my profession. So composing a song over a Sunday doesn't feel like work. In fact, some of my best songs have been composed on Sundays. Point of fact, Mann ka Radio (my 500th composition) was also composed on a Sunday. I was humming the tune all day, while chilling with my friend and lyricist Subrat. Based on the tune, Subrat fitted words to go along with it. In the evening I called my musicians over to jam and we recorded the song the very next day.

    Sundays are incomplete... if I am not allowed my regular quota of two movies. I love watching films on my home theatre with my family. While any new movie works for me, romantic comedies are definitely closer to my heart. And, DDLJ is undoubtedly my all-time favourite.

    As a child... my Sundays used
    to be special and I couldn't
    wait for them to arrive. It was a Sunday family ritual to visit Gaiety/Galaxy in Bandra or Pinky theatre in Andheri for our weekly dose of Bollywood cinema. We would then dine out and watch another movie on returning home. A complete treat!

    Now, I unleash the child in me... by playing cricket on the Playstation 3 for hours with my son Swaym. There is no bigger joy than losing to an 11-year old. Later, he tells me about his week and the things he did in school.

    Riyaaz is a must... on Sunday. Now, I have to compose songs which will work with my new voice, so it's a reverse process. I believe no singer can be successful without the support of the music composer. In my case, I happen to fill in both the roles, so it's a big challenge.

    I avoid junk food... on Sundays, unlike most people. This is because I rarely manage a good home-cooked meal through the week with my busy schedule. My ideal Sunday lunch, if we go out, would be a nice grilled vegetable sizzler (sans French fries) or soup and salad at home.

    I can't nap... during the day. So, if I'm not watching a movie at home or spending time with my son, I would head to meet friends for coffee and conversations. I love having endless chats about movies as most of my friends are addicted to cinema like me. We often head to the multiplex for a movie.

    As a kid... Sundays seldom ended well as the thought of going to school the next day was very upsetting.

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