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    Default Your Female Bollywood Role Model?

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    Who do you think is the best role model for younger girls as well as you all?
    Who is the one actress that you admire the most?

    MY CHOICE: Karisma Kapoor- For being the first girl out of the Kapoor family to enter films and make it huge despite all her critics. Also for being the breadwinner for her mom and sister at the age of like 15 after her parents divorced. She had such huge responsibilites at such a young age.

    Preity Zinta- For being blunt, adopting 34 girls, her business skills, and not being afraid to speak the truth against the underworld in court.

    Sushmita Sen- For being a single mother and living on her own terms

    Kajol- For being straightforward and always putting her family and child before movies. Getting married at the peak of her career because SHE wanted to. Not giving much improtance to her looks.

    Aishwarya Rai- For her beauty, grace, intelligence, diplomatic nature, and ability to maintain her career for so long and change the rules for a married actress.

    Rani Mukherji- For being the Queen of Hearts. Someone who comes off as warm and friendly. She is friennds with all the Khans. And also For being a great actress.

    Juhi Chawla- For constatnly doing films for over 20 years now.

    Shilpa Shetty- For her brave act against racism at the Big Brother house

    Priyanka Chopra- for not having any filmy background or godfather and still making it to the top.

    Katrina Kaif- For succeeding against all odds and making it in the Big Bad world of Bollywood despte not being able to speak Hindi.

    Madhuri Dixit- For her grace, dancing ability, aura, and chosing to leave Bollywood and go far away to raise her kids in America instead of going to all sorts of parties and events.

    Rekha- for always being a diva, her glamour, transfroming her self from an ugly duckling in the 70's to a swan.

    Kareena Kapoor- For keeping the legacy of the Kapoor family alive this decade. If not for her and Karisma, the Kapoors woudl not be relevant for the last two decades.


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    karishma kapoor

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