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    Default Extra-marital affairs happen: Ajay Devgn

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    Son of action director Veeru Devgan, Ajay made his first screen appearance astride two motor-cycles in his debut vehicle Phool Aur Kaante, establishing his image as an action hero, in 1991. “I was more inclined towards direction. One of my dad’s friends offered me my first film when I was in college. My attitude was, ‘if this works fine, and if it doesn’t then I am not going to run around with my portfolio’. The film worked. I did what I wanted to do and the way I wanted to do it,” says Ajay.

    Over a decade of marital bliss, Ajay has discovered the same attitude in his wife Kajol, though he hasn’t yet discovered the meaning of love and romance. “Romance? I don’t know what that would be. I never proposed to Kajol, it just happened. But I definitely have an idea of family. It is giving enough time to them and spending time together. I give more importance to my family than to my work. That is where happiness lies,” he says softly.

    “Temperamentally, Kajol and I are quite alike. We believe in the same morals, principles and we do things on our terms and conditions,” says Ajay. While his ‘firebrand’ wife comes across as more aggressive of the two, Ajay feels otherwise. “Kajol is calmer than me. She is very honest but people mistake it for aggression,” he clarifies. Parenthood is something that has also brought a calming influence on Ajay. A doting father to six-year-old Nysa, Ajay is home early essentially to spend time with her. Where link-ups are synonymous with the glamour business, Ajay has managed to maintain a clean image. “I won’t say that extra-marital affairs don’t happen, but at times the media misunderstands when they see two people together. But I don’t give anyone a chance to link me with someone. I like my work and home,” he says.

    But pre-marriage things were different and Ajay too bore the brunt of juicy gossip, rumours and hearsay. “We all have our share of affairs. And today, gossip doesn’t really bother me. Kajol trusts me and I trust her, too,” he adds.

    Winner of two National Awards, Ajay prefers to keep a low profile. “I don’t like to blow my own trumpet. I don’t attend awards functions either because many undeserving people or even non-actors get honoured. That is when I get disillusioned. Then you feel, ‘Ok, we will also buy it’,” he smiles.

    “I am here to do only good work. And that is why I say that Kajol and I are much more superior to the others,” says Ajay.

    Ajay has also steered clear of all the controversies in filmdom — the one-upmanship one finds some A-list actors involved in. “I find all this very stupid and immature. I have never had any issues with anybody and vice versa. And I think that is how it should be at 40. And I guess it is written on my face that I don’t mess with you, you don’t mess with me,” says Ajay, who names Sanjay Dutt, Salman Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Fardeen Khan, Riteish Deshmukh as some of his good friends.

    He continues, “My upbringing has always been very secure. At the end of the day, if you are not satisfied as a person, what have you done in life? What is the point in achieving so much without making good friends?” “I live for today. I want to be happy and keep everybody around me happy,” he concludes.



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