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    Default * *** Day in the Life of Tees Maar Khan ***

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    Here's a sneak peek inside the world of Akshay Kumar-Katrina Kaif and director Farah Khan who are currently promoting their film Tees Maar Khan. The trio have been touring various Indian cities - some days more than one in 24 hours - to promote their film. Also on the itinerary, are trips to New York, Toronto and Dubai. Easy task with private planes, staff and security - Read and decide for yourself.

    Time : 7.15 am Where : In the lobby of the private plane hangar: Akshay Kumar came directly after having finished a meeting with his director at 6.30 in the morning! He came dressed casually and hadn?t even found the time to shave. Farah Khan was already there before AK, waiting for her actors. Katrina Kaif arrived minutes later.

    Time : 7.45 Where : Time to take off. Everyone grabs a quick bite after settling in. Packed dabbas are handed out by Akshay?s security guard Shree. No stewardesses on this tiny plane.

    Time : 8.30 am : Breakfast done, Kat catches some asleep, while Farah plays brickbreaker on her Blackberry and frets over her low score. AK plays a game called War on his iPad and gloats about his high score.

    Time : 8.30 am : Akshay Kumar plays a game called War on his iPad and gloats about his high score.

    Time : 8.30 am : Farah plays brickbreaker on her Blackberry and frets over her low score.

    Time : 8.45 am : Loud noise emerges from the front of the aircraft. There is panic all around. Except Akshay announces calmly that it is the sound of his security guard snoring! Kat sleeps through it all.

    Time: 9.15 am Landing at Jaipur airport. Everyone rushes into separate cars and head to the hotel where the TMK gang is staying. Teams of the film?s PR team (Raindrop) and distributor (UTV) flew ina day in advance to make arrangements. And everything runs like clockwork.

    Time : 10.30 am Where : Amritsar AK and KK go back to the private plane and fly off to Amritsar for a visit to the Golden Temple the following morning. They reach the hotel and crash. They sleep for few hours before they go to the temple and then back to Mumbai, where they have an event at 4 pm. They flew off to Dubai this morning.

    Time : 1.30 : Where: A mall The entourage of five cars heads to the venue where the TMK team talks to select channels and then hands of tees and music of the film to the crowds who?ve gathered. Cops and security find it difficult to control the crowds. Finally, Khiladi Kumar almost lifts his leading lady and rushes her to her car.

    Time : 3 pm Where : Outside the mall The team splits. Akshay and Katrina bid Jaipur adieu and take off for Ludhiana where they have another event to attend for the film?s promotion at 7 pm. While Farah heads towards Ajmer Sharif to offer prayers after a quick lunch at the residence of an old acquaintance.

    Time : 6 pm Where : Ajmer Queen Khan arrives at Ajmer Sharif. She is asked to change into a burkha so she can go in to the dargah without causing a stampede like her last trip six years ago.

    Time : 6.30 pm : Akshay and Katrina arrive in Ludhiana and leave for the hotel. the event is at seven, but a crowd of over a lakh has collected at the venue and the actors are told to stay put in the hotel till more cops and private security can be arranged. To add to the confusion, the commercial flight of the team travelling to meet the TMK stars in Ludhiana is diverted. Major stress and chaos and Farah and UTV?s Siddharth Roy Kapoor get busy on the phone to ensure that all goes smoothly.

    Time : 8 pm Where : Ludhiana Akshay and Kat finally leave for the venue. Despite the added security, the crowds are uncontrollable.

    Time : 8 pm Where : Ajmer After she offers prayers, she changes to get back into the car for her 2.5 hour drive back to Jaipur.

    Time : 10.30 pm Where : Jaipur A quick dinner with the entire team from Mumbai at a friend?s house. Then head back to the hotel by 11.15 and crash for a few hours to get up at 6 am for her morning flight back to Mumbai at 8 am. On landing in the city, FK rushes straight to the studio where her film is mixed. No time to meet her triplets, who are waiting at home.

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