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    Preity Zinta

    Preity Zinta’s father Durganand Zinta was an officer in the Indian Army. He passed away when she was just 13 in an unfortunate car accident. But Preity says that her father has made her into what she is today:

    “I remember accompanying dad to camps when I was young. I remember the drill they used to be out to. I was most excited and wanted to do the drill with them as well. It was tough. So what they did was organize mini-drills for me. When you have someone in the army, there’s always a fear that they may never return home one day, but you feel so proud about the work they do. My dad was in the Army, now my brother Deepankar has taken after him. I wanted to join the army, too, but then Shekhar Kapoor came calling. And here I am. Sigh!”

    Lara Dutta

    Daughter of Wing Commander L.K. Dutta, Lara has learnt much from her ‘brave father’:

    “I guess being related to someone in the armed forces changes the way you learn, think, act. Thanks to my father’s profession we saw many places, went to many schools, learnt discipline, how to talk, learnt how to walk and how not to be scared or frightened. People like them are made of different stuff. They are intelligent, fit, upright, never succumbing. At the same time, their hearts are filled with love - for their families and their countries. You know, I remember my dad and not my mum used to oil our hair... we are three sisters, and dad was always right and always so wonderful!”

    Priyanka Chopra

    Daughter of Capt. Dr. Ashok Chopra, a surgeon in the Army, priyanka Chopra wants to thank the army this Independence Day:

    “Anything we do or say is never going to be enough. These people lay down their lives for us so selflessly. They put us the citizens and the country before themselves and heir families... it takes something to do that! My father was part of the army, he has brought me up well and I would like to thank him! He has never stopped me from pursuing my dreams, and in fact came to live with me in Mumbai when I decided to move here. He’s my strength, support...

    Sushmita Sen

    Sushmita Sen, born to Shubeer Sen, is the proud daughter of a former Indian Air Force Wing Commander.

    “It was a simple life then. We are a middle class family. And we children didn’t get anything easy. We learnt discipline from our father. He educated us in his own way. I studied at the school meant for ‘army children’. I remember my dad in uniform. He looked most handsome. When he was out, we had a lot of people to look after us at home, but his return was a celebration! Only recently, he underwent a surgery. Though he was weak, literally speaking, he was strong. He just had to survive and recover. And that he did! Their gut and will comes from some place that’s unknown to the ordinary.”

    Gul Panag

    Gul was born in Chandigarh, into a 2nd generation armed forces family. She is the daughter of Lieutenant General H S Panag, Army Commander, Central Command.

    “As a child, one doesn’t quite realise what daddy does. He was at a job like any other father would be, only that this was a different kind of job that sometimes took him away from me for months. But I enjoyed the travel. We’ve traveled all over the country, thanks to our father. I went to 14 schools... can you imagine that? Of course, I’m a proud daughter today. This Independence Day, I truly wish that more people join the army, and that the army gets its due. We see these people put down our lives for us. We need to justify their lives as well.”

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