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    Lightbulb ✿ Check Out Which Bolly CELEBZ are HOT on TWITTER ✿

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    Priyanka Chopra

    Twitter Name: @priyankachopra (DA REAL DEAL!!)

    Tweets About: Mostly her films - lately Kaminey - but also her mood, and shares daily routine and pictures.
    Interacts freely with people. (Aided by: @teampriyanka)

    Latest Tweet: OMG!! guys its the ENGENDERED festival!! LOL!! too early in the morning where i am.. sorry

    Sonam Kapoor

    Twitter Name: @sonamakapoor

    Tweets About: Started with mostly personal tweets, but now is tweeting about her film Aisha.
    In fact, her sister @rheakapoor asks Sonam to stop tweeting about her film!

    Latest Tweet: Got a beautiful haircut by avaan at bblunt.. Shot for aisha.. Heading home

    Last Count of Followers: 7,071

    Mallika Sherawat

    Twitter Name: @MallikaLA

    Tweets About: Mostly her LA pursuits. Was one of the first in Bollywood to be in the news for her
    Twitter account and is the third most popular after Priyanka Chopra and Gul Panag.

    Latest Tweet: They got it bckwrds.Was cast4role,hav2 reduce accent
    @marksharma IndianMedia is reportin tht ur tryin2put a..amercn accent2get Hollywud Role

    Last Count of Followers: 13,953

    Gul Panag

    Twitter Name: @gulpanag

    Tweets About: Anything and everything under the sun, apart from her films. Interacts freely with people,
    and is quite popular the second most popular actress after Priyanka Chopra.

    Latest Tweet: Now heading home, hoping to make it without getting caught in the visarjan traffic.
    Feeling a little unwell. Feverish

    Last Count of Followers: 15,422

    Karan Johar

    Twitter Name: @kjohar25

    Tweets About: Mostly his films (read Wake Up Sid). But praised Kaminey recently.
    Does not interact with public, only his friends like @riteishd and @punitdmalhotra.
    But is still one of the most popular.

    Latest Tweet: hey tweeple! did you guys catch farahs show last night? it was super fun!!!

    Last Count of Followers: 11,455

    Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

    Twitter Name: @aishwarya_rai

    Tweets About: Mostly updates on her day from film shoots and replies, but sometimes posts pictures,
    like this one on architectural design. Looks like she still wants to finish her architecture course!

    Latest Tweet: Greetings to all and thanks for the well wishes.
    Still recovering from being ill, but I'm enjoying my work.

    Last Count of Followers: 3,181

    Shahid Kapoor

    Twitter Name: @SHAHIDKAPOOR28

    Tweets About: Mostly Kaminey and Dil Bole Hadippa. Also Chance Pe Dance.

    Latest Tweet: Being a dance-based movie, the director finds this title apt
    and has finalized for the same.

    Last Count of Followers: 171

    Deepika Padukone

    Now we don't know which one is the real one.

    @DEPIKAPADUKONE is new and has only a few followers,

    while @ayesharockstar who claims to be the 'real' Deepika and has 1,335 followers.

    Figure out for yourself.

    Hrithik Roshan

    Twitter Name: @hritikroshan_hr

    Tweets About: Just hi and hello until now, and those 'make money' links.

    Latest Tweet: Newest international 4 start hotel in Hanoi, Vietnam

    Last Count of Followers: 76

    Ritesh Deshmukh

    Twitter Name: @ Riteishd

    Tweets About: General topics apart from his films. Interacts freely with fans.
    Once director Sajid Khan tweeted in his name to take him away for a shot.

    Latest Tweet: i do reply.

    Last Count of Followers: 3,655

    Farah Khan

    Twitter Name: @farahkhanlive

    Tweets About: Started with one of her li'l ones, and has now moved on to her
    show on Star Plus.

    Latest Tweet: Thanks everyone for the amazing response to Tere Mere Beach
    Mein. Its just too good!!

    Last Count of Followers: 40

    Shah Rukh Khan

    Twitter Name: @shahrukh__khan

    Tweets About: Most of the time those links about how to make money on
    Twitter. But sometimes about My Name is Khan.

    Latest Tweet: >>>>>>

    Last Count of Followers: 299

    Dino Morea

    Twitter Name: @DinoMorea9

    Tweets About: His films. Also interacts with fans, critics and friends and thus
    has quite a following. Also puts in pictures.

    Latest Tweet: Guys, today the 1st video of acid factory is on air, if u have
    channel V, do watch. The trip begins. Oct 2nd release.

    Last Count of Followers: 4,607

    Lara Dutta

    Twitter Name: @DuttaLara

    Tweets About: Anything apart from her films. Has joined Twitter only recently, on August 17.

    Latest Tweet: On top a Big Open Red Bus today!! Great way to take in all of London!!
    It's Pappa (Boman's) big day out!! :-) love the old Buildings here!

    Last Count of Followers: 2,314

    Uday Chopra

    Twitter Name: @udaychopra

    Tweets About: Anything. Lately, Pyaar Impossible. Was among the earlier ones to sign in
    and has more than 6,000 followers. Also because he interacts freely.

    Latest Tweet: yes that's right :-)

    Last Count of Followers: 6,192

    Ram Gopal Varma

    Twitter Name: @rgvzoomin

    Tweets About: RGV doesn't update it daily. The director has come to Twitter after
    having his own blog and being active on Facebook.

    Latest Tweet: the point of life is tht thrs no point to its btr to live it
    point by point nd point to point

    Last Count of Followers: 1,190

    Shekhar Kapur

    Twitter Name: @shekharkapur

    Tweets About: Random topics, or his moods. Is bigger on Facebook.

    Latest Tweet: out of the chaos i create arond myself i look for the creative
    urge to arise, and yet my ego looks for order !

    Last Count of Followers: 709

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    sonam and shahid



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