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    There are not many ways to measure who is the biggest star. Popularity is hard to measure in an accurate and unbiased manner. However, One such way is by number of results on Google. When one searches the name of a Bollywood star, a certain number of results show up. Who ever has the most number of results is obvoiusly more written about, talked about, and well popular. Not to mention that this is a worldwide measurement not just India.

    This is a list of the number of results some of the Top names in Bollywood bring as of July 21 2009:


    Frieda Pinto- 8,460,000 (technically not a Bollywood Star)
    Aishwarya Rai- 6,720,000 (no surprise)
    Katrina kaif- 4,410,000
    Priyanka Chopra- 4,000,000
    Kareena Kapoor- 3,630,000
    Deepika Padukone- 2,760,000
    Diya Mirza- 2,450,000( I was shocked. I just typed her name thinking she would have a low number but i was surprised! Can some one explain this?)
    Kajol- 2,090,000
    Shilpa Shetty- 2,080,000 ( Big Brother...)
    Rekha- 1,980,000
    Preity Zinta- 1,910,000
    Bipasha Basu- 1,750,000
    Rani Mukherjee- 1,770,000
    Madhuri Dixit- 1,510,000
    Sridevi- 1,240,000
    Sushmita Sen- 1,010,000

    John Abraham- 9,460,000 (Maybe cause he did Water)
    Shah Rukh Khan 6,070,000
    Salman Khan- 4,360,000
    Hrithik Roshan- 4,350,000
    Akshay Kumar- 3,110,000
    Aamir Khan- 2,810,000
    Abhishek Bachchan- 2,500,000
    Amitabh Bachchan- 2,410,000
    Saif Ali Khan- 1,950,000
    Sanjay Dutt- 1,510,000
    Shahid Kapoor- 1,490,000

    Farah Khan- 832,000 (surprise)
    Karan Johar- 646,000 ( I thought he would be the highest...)
    Sanjay Leela Bhansali- 543,000
    Yash Chopra- 383,000

    Just some more names who have extraordinary number of searches and popularity:
    Barack Obama- 85,000,000
    Britney Spears- 82,900,000
    Will Smith- 74,300,000
    Beyonce- 61,900,000
    Angelina Jolie- 38,000,000
    Brad Pitt- 24,700,000
    Oprah Winfrey- 20,400,000


    DESIRULEZ - 44,700

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    Thanks alot for sharing!



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