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    Talking Amrita Rao celebrates Navratri in the Perfect Bride house of Star Plus

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    A Peek A Boo- Bollywood's celebrated youth icon and stylish actress, Amrita Rao captured in a festive mood in the reality house of Star Plus's Perfect Bride.

    It was interesting to see how the inmates created an immediate connect with Poonam from Vivaah after seeing Amrita in her traditional gear (the picture just explains why this sassy damsel is so good at adopting new fashion avataars!)

    Besides this Amrita performed the Durga Puja with all the other lovely ladies in the house before proceeding to play Gujju style Dandiya Raas. She was seen spending exclusive time with the mothers and the boys who seem very smitten by the desi girl.

    One of the Gujaratri mothers seemed so fascinated by Amrita that she gifted Amrita an ancestral piece of jewellery that she was wearing.

    On this auspicious occasion Amrita Rao was overheard commenting, "Perfect Bride is more than a reality show. It is a wholesome experience where I am unravelling a whole new me. I initially started off as just a mentor who guided the young ladies and today I have achieved humoungous accolades for being a great friend, daughter and sister in the house. "

    Watch the Navratri celebration of Amrita Rao on Perfect Bride on Friday September 25, 2009 at 10.30pm on STAR Plus.




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