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    Default Amisha Patel Beats Aish & Kareena

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    I was just recallign the fact that Ammesha Patel deos not have anthng going for her right now. She is not at the top or even close. But Ameesha has accomplished something that Kareena, Priyanka, Katrina, Deepika, and maybe even Aishwarya Rai have not and may never. She has TWO ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTERS to her name. Kaho Na Pyaar Hain and Gadar. Gadar is one of the biggest hits in the History of Hindi Cinema. SHe was considered the lucky mascot of Bollywood. Not many actresses can say that they have acted in two-let alone one All-time Blockbuster. Kareena has not delivered an all time blockbuster in her decade long career, and proabbaly wont ever. Priyanka I doubt it. Aish still doesn't have an All-time blockbuster- the cloest she comes is with Devdas which is superhit-to Blockbuster.Ameesha is ahead of all the actresses of this generation in that sense.
    If she had acted in these two All-time blockbusters today, she would have a string of endorsements and films with big heroes. If a Sonam Kapoor can be relevant today after two flops, then im sure Amisha would have attained superstar status if those films released today. I really feel that she is very underrated.

    Why do you think this woman's career,despite two Alltime blockbusters, turned out like this?

    Doesn't she deserve to be in the place of Kareena today?

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