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    Talking | 'Akshay's my favourite co-star': Kareena Kapoor |

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    Kareena Kapoor's looking like a million bucks in her upcoming film, Kambakkth Ishq, and she knows it. The actress, who plays a supermodel in the film, has a great chemistry with co-star Akshay Kumar as well.

    Tell us about your character, Simrita Rai.

    Simrita Rai is a feminist. She is against love and doesn't like men. She does not want to be in a relationship. What happens to her and who she finally falls in love with and why forms the story of Kambakkth Ishq.

    I'm very different from Simrita Rai. She is a tough nut to crack and very insensitive, which I'm not. It's a fun role to play.

    This is your seventh film with Akshay Kumar. Both of you must be quite close.

    I love working with Akshay. I have seen him from my childhood. When I was nine, he gave his first shot with Karisma in Deedar. Today, he is one of India's biggest superstars and working with him is a great pleasure. His struggling days were with Karisma, so it feels like he is part of the family.

    He is my favourite co-star. He's India's true action hero. I always want him to be on top.

    What about Saif?

    He's already on top.
    You share screen space with your best friend Amrita Arora here.

    It was great working with her. I worked with her in Golmaal Returns and the film did well. I hope Kambakkht Ishq also does well.

    Tell us about your look in the film.

    Akki Narula has styled my look. He has shopped for our costumes in Milan and Rome. The costumes in this film are very different and not the type you would see in regular Bollywood films. We have understated, classic and chic clothes.

    We have been getting a good response from the audiences, and I am very excited about it. There were at least 60 pairs of shoes in my van, and I would choose the best. I've always have had a fetish for footwear.

    How was it working with first-time director Sabbir Khan?

    I have always experimented with new directors. When I worked with Imtiaz [Ali, Jab We Met], he was new. I will continue to work with new directors. My faith lies in the script, more than anything else. Anybody can make a good film, and Sabbir has done exceptionally well.

    You've shot in Hollywood.

    It was great! I love Los Angeles. The crew in Hollywood were very helpful, and the weather was very pleasant when we were shooting there.

    How was the experience with the Hollywood stars?

    I have one scene with Denise Richards and two scenes with Sylvester Stallone. They are as normal as normal can be.

    For me, the every fact that I was working with them and had a kind of rapport with them was a big deal. That is more important than any compliment I have got.

    How physically stressful was the shoot, as compared to Tashan?

    Tashan was difficult because I had a figure to maintain. And it was full of action. I challenged myself and my body and went ahead to did something nobody expected.

    In Kambakkht Ishq, the girl needed to be more voluptuous and full. I will change myself according to whatever role I get.

    It's said that Saif had a problem with you wearing a bikini/ swimsuit in your films.

    You obviously can't wear jeans when you go swimming, can you?



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