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    Our leading actresses have legions of fans and admirers. But, for some reason, many of our actresses fall for the most unlikely guys. Many actresses are married to men who were already married or divorced. Some even broke homes to marry men that were at the time married. It seems like the mantra to settle down after your career fades is to marry a rich man regardless of his past marriages, children he already has, or the fact that he may be in a marriage.

    Hema Malani- Dharmendra was already married to Prakash Kaur and a father to Sunny, Bobby, Vijeyta and Ajita. Reportedly, he converted to Islam to marry Hema as his second wife. His wife allowed him to do so. But, why would Hema ruin someone’s marriage for her own sake? More importantly, how was she content on sharing her husband? Filmy..

    Shabana Azmi went in for the married Javed Akhtar leading to his break up with his wife Honey Irani.

    Sridevi- Boney Kapoor had already been married to Mona Shourie Kapoor. Mona even accomadted Sri in their house during Sri's stay in Mumbai. Nonethless, Sridevi fell for him and they got married. Rumour was that Sri was pregnant at the time of their marriage but ofcourse there is no proof to this. Why would Sridevi fall for an already married man and betray Mona who sheltered her?

    Sarika went in for a relationship with top south star Kamal Haasan and became an unwed mother leading Kamal to divorce his first wife, Vani Ganapathy.

    Vyjayantimala married her physician Dr. Bali after divorce proceedings with his first wife were over.

    Jaya Prada too got married to Srikant Nahata despite him not having divorced his first wife.

    Shilpa Shetty is NOW publicly with Raj Kundra although rumours were going on since he was with his wife and in the middle of a divorce. Shilpa too fell for a married man and now flaunts him as a prized possesion.

    Raveena Tandon married Anil Thadani who split with his first wife Natasha for her.

    Rani Mukherjee- Rumour was that she was having an affair with Aditya Chopra who was already married. Now Rani has never denied this so it seems there is some truth to the matter. Will Rani go the same way as these actresses?

    Karishma Kapoor- She married Sanjay Kapoor during or right after he dot divorced form his ex-wife, designer Nandita Mahtani. Karishma (one of the most successful actresses, fell for a married man). Was she just in a hurry to settle down and get
    over the Abhishek breakup?

    Kareena Kapoor- She is in a relationship with Saif. Saif was married and has two kids. It would seem that thee Kareena Kapoor would be able to find a single man who does not come with such a heavy history. But atleast we must commend Kareena for not breaking up a marriage like some of the other actresses.


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