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    Smile Mr. White Mr. Black Review -A tortuous comedy

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    Mr. White Mr. Black
    By Nikhil Kumar
    Film critic, ApunKaChoice.Com

    If you are looking forward to an entertaining weekend, Mr. White Mr. Black is not the answer.

    The film, attempted as a comedy, turns out to be a somewhat tragic experience for the unsuspecting viewers who walk in the cinema halls expecting some good laughs but walk out with their expressions suggesting they have endured some kind of torture.


    say that the film is a childish, imbecilic comedy would be a gross understatement. With a plot that seems to go nowhere (or everywhere at whim), ?Mr. White Mr. Black? throws at you heaps of unimaginable tripe lathered with some beaten-to-death clich?s.

    The movie begins deceptively. There is a stylish heist of diamonds by a bunch of three shapely, hot girls. Having been caught off guard, you adjust in your seat, bracing up for something sensational to follow. But what you get is a mustachioed Gopi ( Sunil Shetty ) coming from his village Hoshiarpur to Goa to find his brother Kishen ( Arshad Warsi ).

    Now, this Kishen is quite a crook. Along with his sidekick, he pulls off petty bluffs on others to make his ends meet. And living to his reputation, he even fools his girlfriend ( Rashmi Nigam ) into thinking that the crook is his twin brother for whose crimes he unduly gets blamed.

    While Kishen avoids Gopi as if he has plague, a pretty young thing (Anishka Khosla), who happens to be the daughter of a rich man, falls for Gopi.

    As the movie plods through its plot-holes, everyone joins the mad race to get their hands on the diamonds worth Rs 25 crore that actually belong to an unforgiving don (Aashish Vidyarthi).

    What ?Mr. White Mr. Black? lacks is a good script peppered with witty oneliners. The comedy in the film is mostly a bland mix of slapstick and kitschy moments patched up unintelligibly to make a hodgepodge of a movie. It is not that there are no funny gags, but they are few and far between. On top of it, the film?s plot really goes haywire in the second half with the romantic tracks involving the two heroes and the unwanted songs that only test your patience.

    The less written about performances, the better. Arshad Warsi is wasted in a role that seems to have no real comic backbone. Sunil Shetty is not made for comedy. Yet he keeps trying such roles in vain. The two girls, Rashmi Nigam and Anishka Khosla, simper and smile at right moments but don?t show much acting potential. In supporting roles, Aashish Vidyarthi is over the top. Sharat Saxena is somewhat tolerable.

    To conclude this review, I have a serious word of caution for those planning to see this film. And heartfelt condolences for those who have already watched it.

    Rating: *

    If you are reading this sentence, then you are wasting your time

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