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    Thumbs up Suno Na... Ek Nanhi Aawaz Movie Review

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    SUNO NA plays on your nerves. It's boring to the point of driving you nuts. Although the pretext picked is fine, its implementation leaves you wondering what director Amy Thanawala is upto. The acting is hilarious. I mean there's this one pregnant girl whose boyfriend ditches her. Her parents disown her and she is left to fend for herself. She decides to kill herself, when the child in the womb begins talking to her. At first, this chatter is intriguing, but then it becomes the very bane of this movie.

    The music of the film is scored by Sanjoy Chowdhury and lyrics penned by Yogeshji


    Anu is a small town innocent girl who becomes pragnent before marriage. She is deserted by her boyfriend who refuses to take responsibility of her and her child. When the lonely crossroads of life she is about to end it all... suddenly she hears a voice... the voice of her child demanding her to stop... Forcing her to live for the safety and security of her child.

    Her baby, Sammy, becomes her only friend and support. Anu encouraged by this love, joins her shrewd friend, to live and survive in the big city.

    Sammy in the meanwhile decides it its little head to find a father for itself... and thus begins a hilarious journey of this young mother and child... on lookout for a father of a unborn child.

    They meet a young musician who gives then his whole heated support...

    They meet a young Tamilian at the office who wants to be Anu's husband till he realizes that she is pregnant with someone else's child...

    They meet a young professor who finally becomes the much searched father...

    Thus moves the nine month journey of best survival in the worst of the circumstances.

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