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    The Possession
    Direction: Ole Bornedal
    Actors: Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Kyra Sedgwick
    Rating: ** 1/2 Never buy a new house without checking the nooks for goblins. Or better still, donít buy an antique chest, and if you do, donít open it.

    It might be a dybbuk thingamajig out of which a malevolent spirit arises to devour its host. Apparently inspired by a true story, co-produced by Sam Raimi, and directed by Danish filmmaker Ole Bornedal, The Possession is endurable as far as horror flicks go.

    But there are no twists in the screenplay or special effects. Suburban American family consisting of divorced parents (Morgan-Sedgwick) and their two daughters come into the possession of a mysterious box. The brunt of the terror is borne by the younger sibling (Natasha Calis).

    This pre-teen does not puke out pea soup as Linda Blair did in The Exorcist, but she has to deal with malevolent moths, scaly hands and religious mumbo-jumbo. For a change, the climactic exorcism ritual is based on Judaic, not Christian, tradition. In sum, you wonít be disappointed if you donít expect an A-grader.

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